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Alice is a woman Leonard met at the Comic Book Store in the "The Good Guy Fluctuation". She is also a comic book enthusiast, who also draws her own comic books, and takes a liking towards Leonard.

Character appearanceEdit

While the gang searches for new comic books, Stuart signals to them that a "hot girl" entered the store, making them wonder as to why she would come in. Stuart tries to talk to her, but can't manage it. Alice continues to look at comics and then talks to Leonard, as he had a rare comic book she was interested in. First she asks if she could pretend to flirt with him while she tries to take the comic. Leonard quips that then she would be using her superpowers for evil. Alice replies that she is forbidden by her Kryptonian father from doing so. Then she introduces herself. She also tells him he's cute and writes her phone number on his hand, asking Leonard to call her so they could trade for the comic book, and walks off to look at other merchandise. Stuart and Howard are stumped as to how Leonard managed to pick her up. Leonard gets his picture put on the wall for this feat.


Alice shows Leonard her own comic.

At Sheldon and Leonard's apartment, Alice shows Leonard her own comic book she drew that is based on her life, and kisses him after he says he's impressed. Her comic book includes a drawing of her having sex with a guy in a Chewbacca costume. He immediately agrees to trade comic books with her (or even trade his car in a fit of passion).

Leonard later goes to her apartment on a date, but he then feels guilty and proceeds to tell her the truth - that he already has a girlfriend. Alice says that she doesn't believe this revelation and that he is just another jerk. Leonard asks if they can just be friends. He explains that his superpower is being a good guy. She proceeds to kick him out. Leonard realizing that what he did was idiotic.

Trivia Edit


Does my tongue stud bother you?

  • She has several studs including one in her tongue and one another place that she thinks might freak Leonard out. Also she could be serious competition to Penny since she is beautiful and has geeky interests like Leonard.
  • Hal4

    Here's my phone number.

    The hallway outside Alice's apartment is the same hallway set outside Amy's Apartment.
  • Alice makes a reference to Superman. a character that her husband played in "Superman Returns".

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  • Looking at the comic book that Alice drew.
  • I'm Alice.
  • Here's my phone number.
  • Is it my tongue stud?
  • You're just another jerk.
  • Leonard meets Alice.
  • You're very cute, Leonard.

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