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The Big Bang Theory Staff
"Amanda Walsh"
Amanda Walsh
Gender Female
Birthday October 3, 1981
First Episode Unaired pilot
Role(s) Actress
Number of Episodes 1
Portrays Katie
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' (born October 3, 1981) is a and former or VJ for the Canadian station . She played the role of Katie in the unaired pilot of The Big Bang Theory.


Career BeginningsEdit

Walsh was born in . She went to Hudson , in . Since the age of 12, Walsh has been working as a professional and dabbled in sketches and , with numerous TV appearances and a gold medal win at the 2000 Improv Games in Quebec as a member of the "8 People" troupe. An honors graduate from , Creative Arts program (in Ste. Anne de Bellevue), she has always maintained an avid interest in TV production and , and at 16 co-produced a documentary on the swing revival. Between acting jobs, open mic nights doing stand-up, creating video comedies with her friends and learning to play the , she held a part time job as a in Hudson, Quebec. Walsh started her acting career "acting" out border-crossing scenarios at the Canada Customs college in her home town of Rigaud.

Walsh co-starred in the straight to video sequel to the 1983 film ' called '. She was also in an episode of Are You Afraid Of The Dark?


Walsh was "discovered" by a MuchMusic producer while waiting tables in Hudson, Quebec. He encouraged her to send a video and apply for the job. She got it and became the youngest VJ in MuchMusic history. She has hosted or co-hosted many programs including Much Top Tens, MuchOnDemand, Fandemonium and others. She left MuchMusic in 2004 to pursue an acting career.

Walsh has since made appearances on shows such as , and the night time soap opera Train 48. In 2005, she starred opposite David Boreanaz in the movie , based on the play by Vivienne Laxdale. That movie was shown at the 2005 Toronto International Film Festival. She had a small role in the movie " (2000)" playing an overenthusiastic VJ on a parody of the Canadian music channel MuchMusic.

Recent eventsEdit

After moving to , Walsh got a starring role in the ABC mid-season replacement ', which premiered March 7, 2006 on ABC. The show was canceled in late-April after ten aired episodes. Walsh also appeared on an episode of ', had a minor role in the film ' and performed in the original pilot for The Big Bang Theory playing Katie (the role was replaced by the role of Penny played by Kaley Cuoco when the producers shot the second successful pilot). In 2008, Walsh had a role in the series The Remnants with Ze Frank. She can be seen in the 2009 comedy film '. In 2010, she appeared in ABC Family's ' playing 's best friend Joanne. Most recently, in 2011, Walsh appeared in an episode of the Showcase series ' as well as a minor appearance on the ABC crime drama '.


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