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Angela Page
FBI Special Agent
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FBI Special Agent Angela Page is the F.B.I. agent who does a background check on Howard for his security clearance to be on the Defense Department Laser Equipped Surveillance Satellite team. She is married to a 6 foot 2 inches (188 cm) Navy Seal. She seems rather tolerant to the antics of the boys, especially Sheldon.

Character InformationEdit

Raj doesn't want to get deported.
The Agent Angela Page

In "The Apology Insufficiency", she did the a background check on Howard for his security clearance. On her interview with Raj, he keeps talking about how he is in this country legally because he was paranoid of getting deported back to India. Then, Leonard hit on her, but soon discovered that she was already married. In the end, it was Sheldon drove the final wedge when he accidentally mentioned Howard crashing the Mars rover while trying to impress a girl; (Stephanie Barnett). After Howard failed to get his clearance which Sheldon did feel guilty about, he did let Howard sit in his spot for under two minutes, but failed in his attempts to retract his statement. The actress played the role straight against all the craziness of the gang.



  • FBI Agent Angela Page.
  • Sheldon tries to retract his staement.
  • Leonard hitting on Agent Angela Page..
  • Raj doesn't want to be deported.
  • FBI Agent Angela Page.
  • Angela vs. Leonard.
  • Raj not wanting to be deported.

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