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The Big Bang Theory Staff
"Becky O'Donohue"
Becky O'Donohue
Gender Female
Birthday July 13, 1980
First Episode The Beta Test Initiation
Role(s) Actress
Number of Episodes 1
Portrays Siri
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Rebecca Mary "Becky" O'Donohue (born July 13, 1980) is an , , , and contestant. She is sometimes credited as Rebecca O'Donohue.[1] Becky was a semi-finalist in the fifth season of '.[2] Becky guest starred on ', episode Not Even Close... Encounters in July 2010. She made an appearance in the TV sitcom, The Big Bang Theory, playing the role of Siri, as well as ' episode Red is the New Black.

She has an identical Jessica Elleanore "Jessie" O'Donohue who is also an actress, model, and singer (who did not sing on American Idol due to surgery), most recently appearing in '. Both appeared together in a special Twins episode on ' where they were eliminated on the first stunt, ' magazine in 2004,[3] and the Sister Act episode of ' on which they won $50,000. They are from . Becky and Jessie, who come from an and family, graduated in 2003 from . Becky obtained a full . While at Niagara, the two played on the women's Division I team, while Becky was All State in and captain of both teams.


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