These unidentified individuals are the nephews/nieces of Bernadette Rostenkowski and the grandchildren of Mike Rostenkowski and Mrs. Rostenkowski. They are the great-grandchildren of Bernadette And Joey's Grandmother. Howard Wolowitz is their uncle by his marriage to Bernadette. As Bernadette and Howard's daughter, Halley Wolowitz is their cousin. As Howard's parents, Sam Wolowitz and Debbie Wolowitz are their great-uncle and great-aunt respectively by marriage.


They are first mentioned in "The Thanksgiving Decoupling" when it is mentioned that their grandmother (Bernadette's mother) is visiting them in Arizona.

In "The Celebration Reverberation", Howard says that the children of a sister of Bernadette's are sick and are unable to attend Halley's first birthday party.



  • It is unknown which of Bernadette's siblings is their biological parent(s).

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