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Blaine is a one-time character who first appeared in "The Barbarian Sublimation".

The Barbarian Sublimation

Blaine is a homosexual or bisexual man who works at the university.


Gender Male
Occupation Most likely a Scientist
Series Information
First episode "The Barbarian Sublimation"
Portrayed by

Tyler J. Olson


Sheldon is desperate to get Penny off his back after her constant pestering about Age of Conan, the online multiplayer game Sheldon introduced her to when she was waiting for the locksmith when she stuck her Volkswagen car key in the doorlock. Leslie Winkle suggests she needs to have sex. Sheldon turns round and asks the man behind him if he was interested in a sexual relationship. He looks Sheldon up and down and says "Sure" and writes his phone number on his hand. Later we are told that the group extensively made fun of him after explaining he was interested in Sheldon.


  • Blaine wears glasses.
  • It is unknown what Blaine does for a living but he is most likely a scientist, hence his presence at the university cafeteria alone.
  • We do not find out Blaine's surname.
  • He is portrayed Tyler J. Olson.

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