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The Comic Center of Pasadena, more commonly referred to as "the comic book store", was a place where the guys frequently visited to buy their comic books, until it was burnt down in an accident revealed in the 7th season finale. The store was owned by Stuart Bloom. Dale once worked the register for Stuart when he was unavailable.


Stuart, owner of the comic shop


The Comic Book Store set


Dale at the register

The store used to have a website at (in reality, the domain name is registered to Warner Brothers), but it has gone offline since 2011. Similiarly, its Facebook page has gone idle since 2011 too.

The StoreEdit


The New Year's Eve party at the comic book store


Cleaning up after the burnt-down

The store first appeared in The Hofstadter Isotope where Penny follows the guys to the store to buy a gift for her nephew. Stuart recommends her a comic book for the gift. She sees Stuart has drawn a portrait of her, which he exchanges for her number.

In "The Creepy Candy Coating Corollary", the store hosted The Mystic Warlords of Ka'a Tournament.

The store has previously hosted a Stan Lee signing thanks to Stuart's connections in "The Excelsior Acquisition". The logo of the store is shown when the guys are lined up outside waiting to meet Stan Lee, wherein the sign is visible. The store is located on E. Green Street near Pasadena City College and Caltech (according to the store's website).

Stuart also hosts a costume party on New Year's Eve which the gang won for the best Justice League of America team in "The Justice League Recombination". He also hosted a costume Halloween party in 2012 in "The Holographic Excitation".


The Mystic Warlords of Ka'a Tournament's final battle

Raj hosts a Scavenger Hunt in "The Scavenger Vortex" which first puzzle is the Comic Book Store in a puzzle.

Stuart lived in the back of the store.

The store burns down in a fire in the Season 7 finale. Stuart claims the insurance company thinks he did it for money.


  • Several superhero insignias can be seen in the shop including The Flash, Green Lantern, and Batman.
  • Penny is impressed by the looks she gets while in the comic book store, while Amy thinks that comic books are "lame-o".
  • There is a cardboard cut-out of Ichigo Kurosaki from the anime Bleach in the store.
  • There is also a poster of Faith from the 2008 videogame Mirror's Edge.
  • Posters and models from the sci-fi videogame franchise Mass Effect can frequently be seen in the background.

The girls invade the Comic Book Store.

  • In "The Nerdvana Annihilation", Leonard mentions that a man called Larry works at the comic book store, this could possibly be the previous owner.
  • In "The Bakersfield Expedition", the girls visit the Comic Book Store looking into the guys' fascination with comic books.
  • There is a QR code on the counter that points to the store's website
  • There was a cutout and a man wearing a shirt connected to the former MMORPG, "City of Heroes".  He appears in a few episodes.
  • There is an official website for the Comic Book Center, shown on the counter in "The Scavenger Vortex".
  • While Marvel Comics play a part in many of the episodes, there are no Marvel Comics on sale at the store, all you ever see is DC comics.


Kevin Sussman 2

Penny and Stuart at the comic book store.


  • Sheldon looking for a birthday gift for Amy's aunt.
  • Waiting for the results of the costume contest.
  • Dale working behind the register.
  • Penny admiring her portrait.
  • Penny talking to Sheldon like she was his mother.
  • Owner Stuart Bloom.
  • Mystic Warriors of Ka'a tournament.
  • Girls in the store getting stared at.
  • Hello, boys!!
  • Looking for scavenger hunt clues.
  • The Riddler taunts the scavengers.
  • Sheldon finds the comic book store in ruin.
  • Stuart after the fire.
  • I want to buy this comic.
  • Almost killed by debris.
  • Cleaning up after the fire.

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