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Elizabeth Plimpton
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Dr. Elizabeth Plimpton is a cosmological physicist from Princeton University, who is under consideration for a position at the California Institute of Technology and comes to Pasadena as a friend and personal guest of Sheldon Cooper in "The Plimpton Stimulation". A leading expert on quantum cosmology, she authored a book entitled "The Effervescent Universe". Leonard is a huge fan of her work and Sheldon thinks she is one of the great minds of the 21st century like himself.

Leonard with Dr. Plimpton
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At first she seems forgetful and a bit scatterbrained, though no more socially dysfunctional than Leonard and Sheldon. She quickly sizes up her male company because she is very sexually active, seducing Leonard within hours of meeting him. Later she attempts to seduce Raj, Howard, and Leonard for a four-way sexual encounter. An upset Raj provides an escape route from his apartment for Leonard and Howard, once they realize they don't want to see each other naked. After Leonard and Howard have gone, Raj locks the door behind him and accepts Dr. Plimpton's advances.

It is unknown if Sheldon is still in touch with her after this visit.

Trivia Edit

  • She wrote Chapter 9 of her book, The Effervescent Universe, naked.
  • She has an overactive sex drive.


  • Luckily not coordinates for a neutron star.
  • Leonard is meeting Dr. Plimpton.
  • Visiting at the apartment.
  • Visiting at Caltech.
  • Entering Leonard's room.
  • Leonard getting an offer.
  • Oh good. Leonard is here.
  • Seducing the guys.
  • Role playing with Raj.
  • Raj is getting lucky.
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