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Not to be confused with Emily (season seven).

Emily (season five)
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Emily is a deaf girl Penny knew from her spin class. She was Raj's girlfriend for a month, until she broke up with him.

Character InformationEdit

Bernadette and Penny were starting to feel very bad for Raj, as he kept complaining of loneliness and was sinking into depression. To help him feel better, Penny introduced Emily to Raj, saying that his selective mutism wouldn't matter, as Emily is deaf. Howard then had to interpret the conversation between the two, as he is fluent in sign language.

Emily being introduced to Raj.

On Raj and Emily's first date, Howard yet again tagged along, interpreting and also fixing a lot of what Raj said, as he was acting very cocky. At the end of their date, Emily kissed Raj, making him feel very happy.

A month later, Raj and Emily are boyfriend and girlfriend, and have been out on dates every night ever since they met. Raj gave her diamond earrings, paid off her credit cards and also leased her a new car, leading the gang to believe Emily is only using him for the gifts she receives. Raj is impervious to this, and will continue giving her gifts for sex in return.

Penny tried to talk to Emily though Howard, who gets distracted and directly asks if she's a golddigger; thus making Emily furious. Afterwards, Penny talked to Raj's parents and they threaten to take away his monthly allowance. Rajesh is torn, but chooses his love for Emily instead of his "strong feelings for the money". Raj informs Emily they will have to return the gifts, but they still have their love, which is the only thing that matters. After this, Emily breaks up with Raj.

Raj meets and dates another girl named Emily who is a dermatologist starting in "The Friendship Turbulence" in season 7.


  • Meeting Emily.
  • Having coffee with Raj.
  • We have love.
  • After the coffee date.
  • The coffee date.
  • Emily gets another gift.
  • Kissing after the coffee date.
  • Penny trying to talk to Emily about Raj.
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