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The Property Division Collision

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"The Property Division Collision" is the tenth episode of the tenth season of the American sitcom The Big Bang Theory. The episode aired on Thursday, December 1, 2016.


After Amy gives Penny the large ugly painting of the two of them, Leonard and Sheldon get into a fight over dividing up their belongings. Meanwhile, Stuart and Raj fight among themselves as to who should help Howard and Bernadette since the baby is due soon. 

Extended Plot

In Sheldon and Amy's apartment, Amy wants to start redecorating their new home. Sheldon suggests that they move everything from Apartment 4A into their place. Amy suggests they start with moving the furniture around. Sheldon wants to move the couch to the street. Amy figures they should ask Penny what she wants of her stuff including the big ugly painting Amy had made of the two of them to commemorate their friendship. She still thinks it's the greatest gift anyone has ever given anyone. Walking it over to 4A Penny has gets the same sick look on her face as in the painting.

In the Wolowitz's kitchen Stuart is offering Howard and Bernadette a book of coupons he made to help them do some tasks for the upcoming baby to have breaks like sweeping or a foot massage. Bernadette sees that one coupon is written on the back of an eviction notice. Stuart has nowhere to live and would appreciate that they let him stay a few weeks which bothers Bernadette, but surprisingly is fine with Howard, especially considering Stuart's extra pair of hands will really help them with their baby (like how he successfully nursed his mom back to health), he'll finish the things Howard didn't even bother to do, and he won't even have to be paid.

In Leonard and Penny's apartment Leonard, Sheldon and Amy want to help them hang it immediately. Penny insists that they got rid of the hooks. Penny offers it to Amy since it is also a picture of her. Amy may really like the painting, but Amy insists that Penny also likes it so much which Penny doesn't deny. Sheldon figures that there is lots of things in Apartment 4A that he and Leonard should go through. The sword that Leonard and Sheldon jointly bought mounted by the front door should be Sheldon's since they have the painting or the avocado plant growing in the kitchen. Leonard sarcastically thinks that it is great that they are trading a collectible worth hundreds of dollars for a seed they rescued from the garbage. In the end, Sheldon is glad when Leonard decides to let him have both.

Cleaning out the closet, Sheldon finds the Mr. Spock cuckoo clock they got at comic con. Leonard let's Sheldon have it which trills Penny, but doesn't thrill Amy. Then Sheldon gets out their 3-D chess set and suggests that Leonard won't want it since he never won a game. Leonard lets him have it. Then Leonard tells him to take everything because Sheldon will have some reason that he should have every item. Amy thinks that Sheldon is being a little selfish. Leonard then says that there is one thing he wants - the official apartment 4A flag. Sheldon is upset that he designed it, but Leonard insists that he wants it especially since Sheldon made him buy it. Sheldon leaves telling everyone that he knows when he is not wanted. Amy doesn't think that Sheldon really knows that as she follows him home.

Stuart is helping set the dining room table after having cooked dinner. Bernadette is impressed as Stuart runs off to answer the doorbell. Howard jests that he feels like Bruce Wayne since they now have a butler. Bernadette mentions his bat suit; however, it is just a pair of pajamas with no cape. At the door, Raj is surprised that Stuart is living there, again. He claims to be there helping out since he needed a place to stay. Raj brought Chinese food which Stuart thinks will cause Bernadette's ankles to swell.

Leonard is on his computer and Penny is on her computer pad and neither of them can get onto their Wi-Fi. Sheldon had changed their password to "Ha-ha-ha; now I've got you." Leonard asks Penny what her next move for revenge would be and it was to sleep with the guy's best friend. She feels that she is already doing that. Leonard marches over to 4B and tells Sheldon to fix the password. Leonard exclaims that he can play that game too. "All right, I tried," replied Leonard. Sheldon insists that that should be the name of his autobiography. Second degree burn! Amy shows up with the Neoprene. Sheldon shakes his head and tells her that it's a good thing that she is so cute.

At dinner Raj and Stuart are trying to top each other. Raj suggests an infant CPR class and Stuart knows somebody who will come to the house. He also tells Bernadette to relax because he'll keep everything under control. Raj feels that everything was already under control. Both keep arguing while Bernadette tells Howard to do something, "Batman".

In the laundry room Sheldon enters and finds Leonard is separating his shorts while wearing the apartment flag. Sheldon complains about the level he is stooping to. Leonard then shows the level he is stooping to by removing his underwear and rubbing his private parts on the flag. Sheldon gives him a dirty look and leaves.

Raj shows up at the Wolowitz's front door to assemble the cradle; however Stuart already did it. Raj bought the cradle. Stuart says that he read about it on He loves them and wants to keep helping so he can continue to mooch off of them. Raj points out that he is the only emotionally needy person around here. Stuart invites him in to help with the baby swing.

Coming up the stairs, Penny says that she is thinking of going for a run. Leonard declines because the last time an old lady thought he was stalking Penny. Inside they find an old gentleman named Theodore who rented Sheldon's old bedroom. Sheldon comes out and confirms that they have a roommate since his rent is paid up to the end of the month. Penny tells him that he has crossed the line. Sheldon shoots back that Theodore has no ID whatsoever, though he does have receipt from the blood bank.

Working on the baby swing Raj and Stuart show Bernadette the two mobiles that could be installed. One is giraffes and the other is zebras. Bernadette choices Stuart's zebra mobile. Raj snaps that at least is nose his naturally brown. Bernie asks Howard to go to the market. Howard wants one of the help to do it. Bernadette insists that Howard go to the store; however, he still gets Raj to drive him. Stuart is going to paint Bernie's toenails

Theodore is snacking, watching TV and sitting in Sheldon's Spot|Sheldon's spot]] as Leonard and Penny stare at him. They wonder if they should go to a hotel or stay and watch him. Theodore tells them that thanks to the coins he found in the couch, he can stay an extra day. He also likes the painting of "Penny's mother". Leonard goes to see Sheldon. Leonard calls Sheldon selfish, while Sheldon feels that he is being awful. Theodore provides an unwanted analysis that all of their anger is coming from love. Each is moving onto another phase of their lives and that it is easier to fight than face their feelings for each other. Amy agrees with whoever that old guy is. Sheldon has found leaving Leonard to be difficult, but he does want to stop fighting. Leonard can keep the flag and that is not just because it touched his private parts. Sheldon is even willing to do the same as is Theodore.

Later, Leonard is adjusting the painting onto the wall next to his desk where the audience can't see it. Leonard thinks that eventually they won't even notice it. Penny denies that since it even shows up in her dreams. Theodore thinks that it brings the whole room together.

Finally Howard is lying on the couch of his living room playing on his phone asking who wants to paint the nursery. Both volunteer. Bernadette calls out saying that she thinks that she is in labor. Howard can't remember what the plan is, so Raj and Stuart take care of it. Team Baby, go! Howard and Bernadette tell each other that they love each other as they hug. Stuart comes running into the living room with Bernie's suitcase asking if they are hugging or having a baby. They all head out to the car



  • Title Reference: The title refers to Leonard and Sheldon's dispute over dividing their property.
  • Taping date: November 15, 2016
  • This episode was watched by xx.xx million people with a rating of x.x (adults 18-49).
  • Total viewers including DVR users xx.xx million.
  • The Big Bang Theory was ranked #x for the week ending xx December 2016.
  • This episode aired in Canada on December, 2016.


To be entered.


  • Theodore (played by Christopher Lloyd) has moved into Sheldon's old room. 
  • Bernadette heads to the hospital to have her baby.
  • More of Sheldon and Leonard's belongings are featured in this episode.
  • The painting that Amy gave to Penny in "The Rothman Disintegration" returns in this episode.
  • The 3D chess set and the Spock Clock are shown.
  • Just like in "The Space Probe Disintegration", Sheldon and Leonard get into an argument that turns into a wake up call regarding their friendship.
  • Howard takes advantage of Stuart and Raj's generosity for preparing the baby's arrival since he's lazy and they do the things he never followed up on.
  • Amy thinks the painting of her and Penny is worth a lot more since the artist commited suicide shortly after completing her painting. 


Bernadette: (touched) Stuart, you cooked?
Howard: How do you know it wasn't me?
Bernadette: There's only three people in this house, and you'd still be my fifth guess.
(doorbell rings)
Howard: That's Raj.
Stuart: You guys relax, I'll get it. Have some bread while it's still warm.
Howard: Ha. It's like we have a butler. If I had a Batsuit, I'd be Bruce Wayne.
Bernadette: You have a Batsuit.
Howard: It's pajamas. There's no cape.


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