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The Birthday Synchronicity

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Warning! This page contains MAJOR spoilers from a recently released or soon to be released product. Caution is advised.
The Horror, The Horror!

"The Birthday Synchronicity" is the eleventh episode of the tenth season of the American sitcom The Big Bang Theory. The episode will air on December 15, 2016.


Bernadette is taken to the hospital to have her baby. Sheldon and Amy are trying to have Amy's birthday sex.

Extended Plot

In Sheldon and Amy's apartment, Sheldon jokingly tells Amy to get the Neosporin because someone just got burned. Amy at first misunderstands and then Sheldon says that it's a good thing you're cute. She gets a bashful and weak at the knees.

Sheldon wakes up Amy just after midnight to wish her a "Happy Birthday". Amy doesn't get mad at the hour and opens up her birthday gift, a framed MRI scan of Sheldon's brain. She loves it. Sheldon points to the bright spot on the picture telling her that he was thinking of her. Amy asks if they are starting their annual coitus part of the evening. Sheldon moves in on her while wearing his come-hither pajama bottoms. Leonard and Penny knock on the door announcing that Bernadette was heading to the hospital.

Bernadette, Howard, Raj and Stuart make it to the hospital. Althea the nurse (From the pilot and other episodes) makes a wise crack (several filmed) about the three guys and one expectant mother. Her contractions weren't far enough apart yet and the nurse told her to go home.

Sheldon, Amy Leonard, and Penny are heading down the steps when Penny gets a call that it's a false alarm. Amy tells Penny that it's her birthday so Penny asks Amy if they want to go do something. Amy looks up at Sheldon and Penny doesn't get it. Leonard tells her, "They wanna have sex." Penny smiles as they head back to their apartments. Leonard wants to have sex, too.

Back in their kitchen, Raj is filming a nervous set of soon-to-be-parents and slips that she is having a girl. They are excited and annoyed especially since Stuart already knew.

Sheldon and Amy try to get back into the mood; however, Sheldon thinks that it is forced. Amy excuses herself telling him that she has a surprise. Sheldon hopes that it has to do with trains.

Leonard and Penny are getting busy when there's a knock at the door. Raj got thrown out for telling them that the baby is a girl. Oops he did it again.

At Sheldon and Amy's apartment, Amy comes out in a Harry Potter robe posing in the doorway. Sheldon is impressed, Woozers! She goes back to get him his robe. Sheldon is a bit annoyed that she went to a Harry Potter festival without him. She wants to be punished. Raj shows up after being thrown out of 4A. Amy barely showing herself tells him to go away.

After Howard and Bernadette return to the hospital, Sheldon, Amy, Leonard, Penny, and Raj are in the car heading there themselves. They end up discussing the interruptions of the their sex lives and how long it took. Penny smirks at Leonard while the car occupants are talking about having sex in five minutes.

After some scenes of Bernadette in labor, the gang reaches the waiting room discussing milestones in their lives. Howard comes out and announced the birth of their daughter, Hallie. They are all so happy for him, he names them Hallie's aunts and uncles and Raj as the Godfather.

Peeking in the baby nursery, they all wonder which one Hallie is. There's a pause and they all turn their heads at the same time towards a baby who basically is crying like Howard's mother spoke,

Afterwards, Sheldon and Amy are returning from the Wizarding World Of Harry Potter dressed appropriately having had a fun day. Amy thinks that he would be tired. Sheldon replies, "I saw a magical train and reported a guy for cutting in line. If that's not foreplay. I don't know what is." They race into their apartment.

Thanks Maddie [1]


  • Guest starring:
  • Teleplay: To be entered.
  • Story: To be entered.


  • Title Reference: Howard and Bernadette's baby girl Hallie ends up with the same birthday as Amy.
  • Taping date: November 22, 2016
  • This episode was watched by xx.xx million people with a rating of x.x (adults 18-49).
  • Total viewers including DVR users xx.xx million.
  • The Big Bang Theory was ranked #x for the week ending xx December 2016.
  • This episode aired in Canada on December, 2016.


To be entered.


  • One year anniversary of Amy having sex and Sheldon does "give it to her" again.
  • Bernadette gives birth to her baby, a girl named Hallie.
  • It's suggested that Howard and Bernadette's baby will share a birthday with Amy.
  • The birth gets in the way of both Leonard and Penny and Sheldon and Amy having some intimate time together.


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