"The Emotion Detection Automation" is the fourteenth episode of the tenth season of the American sitcom The Big Bang Theory. The episode aired on February 2, 2017.


Sheldon beta tests an MIT invention after hearing it can help him read people’s emotions. Leonard can’t hide his feelings when Penny announces her brother is coming to town and Raj invites his ex-girlfriends over to give him dating advice.

Extended Plot

Raj is worried why his relationships end and decides to meet with all his former girlfriends to find out what went wrong and how he can improve himself. Emily Sweeney, Claire, Lucy and the other Emily visit him. They conclude he is too needy, too pushy, a Mama's boy and they wonder why he didn't get together with Howard.

Sheldon has a machine that reads people's emotional states to help him understand emotions better. Leonard and Penny have a fight when her father asks her to get her brother an interview and she didn't ask her husband about him possibly moving in.

Sheldon has a fit when the gang makes fun of his machine driving Sheldon and Amy away. Later, Amy is making dinner for her and Sheldon. Sheldon is still upset because he thought he was reading people better, and wishes he never tried the machine. Amy explains that they all have challenges; she has to wear glasses and then takes them off. She explains to Sheldon that she has been sad at times and he could tell. Sheldon says that she's kind of a sad sack, and apologizes for hurting her feelings, which she acknowledges and adds that it may be for reasons that relate to her father. Amy tells Sheldon to get rid of the machine if he doesn't like it, because she loves him just the way he is, and kisses him. Feeling better, Sheldon sits up and tells Amy he feels the same way about her; she smiles. Sheldon then asks her to put her glasses back on because she looks weird. Meanwhile, Raj finds out that each of his former girlfriends have gone on to date other guys, making him feel bad. Leonard and Penny later come over to apologize and Sheldon does sense that they are still mad at each other.


Thanks to Tensor's report. [1] And kerrycec03's report. [2]



  • Teleplay: Steven Molaro, Steve Holland & Saladin K. Patterson
  • Story: Chuck Lorre, Dave Goetsch & Anthony Del Broccolo


  • Title Reference: Sheldon uses a machine to detect people's emotional levels.
  • Taping date: January 10, 2017
  • This episode was watched by xx.xx million people with a rating of x.x (adults 18-49).
  • Total viewers including DVR users xx.xx million.
  • The Big Bang Theory was ranked #x for the week ending xx January 2017.
  • This episode aired in Canada on February, 2017.


To be entered.


  • Leonard's behaviour during his fight with Penny about Randall getting a job in Pasadena and moving there completely contradicts his friendly, sweet, kind and reasonable personality.
  • Emily, Lucy, Claire and deaf Emily all return to talk to Raj at his request. They reappear since these episodes:
  • Randall is mentioned in this episode, but does not appear.
  • Howard shouldn't be signing for Raj since he learned while he was dating the first Emily.
  • Raj just doesn't know this, but he is not alone. There were a few pathetic guys who were bad as Raj is in relationships: Stuart Bloom, Barry Kripke, Leonard Hofstadter, Bert Kibbler, Dr. Oliver Lorvis and Howard Wolowitz. Even Sheldon Cooper himself was terrible with relationships, though this was by choice.
  • All of Raj's ex-girlfriends are now in happier relationships.
  • Howard and Raj have frequently been mistaken for a gay couple in the past. In this episode, they decide to give a homosexual relationship a try in the future if things don't work out for them right now, as Stuart "dibs-ed" Bernadette.
  • Third consecutive episode where Leonard and Penny fight.
  • As of this episode and season, Laura Spencer is no longer billed in the opening credits.
  • Theodore no longer lives in Apartment 4A anymore since Sheldon's old room was becoming a game room and Randall would be coming and in "The Escape Hatch Identification" (S10E18), Theodore's departure is once again confirmed when Raj moves into Apartment 4A into Sheldon's old room.
  • For the first time ever, Amy mentions her father, but unfortunately no information about him is given out.
  • Raj found out why his relationships never last: He is too needy, too pushy, a Momma's boy, he reeks of desperation and sometimes he could very arrogant sometimes.


  • Howard (to Raj): Is that any way to talk to your future husband?



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