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The Horror, The Horror!

"The Sibling Realignment"[1] is the twenty-third and penultimate episode of the eleventh season of the American sitcom The Big Bang Theory. The episode will air on May 3, 2018.


When Sheldon learns that his mother won't attend his wedding unless he invites his brother, Georgie, he and Leonard travel to Texas to end a family feud. Also, the Wolowitz kids inadvertently infest Amy, Bernadette, Wolowitz and Koothrappali with pinkeye.[2]

Extended Plot

Cold open is 4B.

Sheldon's on the phone arguing with his mom, Amy walks in a second before they finish talking. Sheldon is very annoyed and asks rhetorically guess who my mom insists attends our wedding... Amy sarcastically asks if it's Jesus. Sheldon says he wishes, instead she's insisting he invites his brother. Amy's surprised he hasn't invited him in the first place. They talk a little more about it.

Second scene is Bernadette's apartment, Amy, Penny and Bernadette are in the living room. Amy is giving the girls some kind of pre-wedding gifts, something nice from her and Purell and something else ridiculous from Sheldon. She tells the girls about the whole Georgie drama, that Mary's threatening not to come if Georgie isn't gonna be there. Penny and Bernadette joke that with the drama now it sounds like a real wedding.

Then Howard shows up and asks how would you know somebody has a pink eye. Bernie describes the symptoms and he says ok, so both of our kids have pink eye. Then he's trying to get downstairs (he was in the stairs coming from the second floor) and Amy’s saying what are you doing, I have a wedding in a week. Howard's still trying to get downstairs so Penny jumps across the sofa and blocks his way, it was so funny. She or Bernie tell Howard to go take a shower and burn the clothes he's wearing (or better all of his clothes, Penny says).

Apartment 4A

Leonard and Raj are playing some video games and chat and Raj says he doesn't wanna be the only single person at the wedding. Leonard says he's not gonna be, there's Stuart and Amy's great aunt. Although he better hurry up cause Stuart's already friended her on Facebook. Raj thinks maybe he could invite the girl who waxes him, he keeps no secrets from her after all. Leonard makes a joke that's not something to brag about (not in these exact words). Sheldon comes in frustrated and asks Leonard isn't Leonard's brother the worst. Leonard says not really, but it's not a fair competition 'cause there's always his mom (different line in the third take). Then Raj mentions his brother ?Adut?, they used to fight but now they're like best of friends. Leonard says how come you've never mentioned him. Raj says sure I have, he's the one who left the door open when we were kids and my pet mangust got out. Then he gets mad and says 'stupid Adut!'

Either after or in the middle is this scene Sheldon mentions he's been trying to call his brother, but he doesn't wanna talk to him. The guys ask how can he be sure. He calls his brother and puts it on speaker and the voicemail says if it's Sheldon calling, stop calling. They wonder what else could he do then to get Georgie to come to the wedding... Cut to Sheldon and Leonard on a plane and Leonard questioning how did he end up here if he kept saying no.

Raj storyline

At some point Raj and Bernie are talking and he wonders why is it so hard to find a date. He wishes there was a service that’d let you pay and get a company... so basically an escort, Bernadette says. Raj says no no, not for sex (although if it goes well it could lead to sex), but just for human company. Bernadette says gotcha... so an escort. Raj says stop saying escort! She says she will when he stops meaning it.

Then at some point in another scene he mentions to Bernie he got a date. Not for the wedding, but a regular date. But if it goes well, for Shamy’s wedding as well. And if it goes really well, for his wedding.

At some other scene he says the date fell short. Bernie says how come and the camera cuts to him and we see he's got pink eye.

But then in the tag he meets a girl at a pharmacy who also has pink eye and he asks her to go to the wedding with him.

Pink eye storyline

First we see Howard get pink eye and at some point he mentions Raj probably shouldn’t have borrowed his VR glasses the other day... Then also Bernie gets it and then Amy.

At some point there's a scene where Penny’s Skyping with Bernie I think in 4A, Amy comes in, freaks out that if Sheldon finds out he's gonna cancel the wedding. Somebody makes a joke that they could tell him the wedding theme is the Walking Dead and it's just make up and they all agree he'd probably buy it.

Amy has touched Penny's laptop while talking to Bernadette, Penny was like could you not touch it but Amy was mad (I think) and didn't care. After she leaves, Penny purells the laptop and says oh look, purell did come in handy after all!

Throughout the episode we find out they're all kinda mad at Penny, she's the only one who wasn't infected.

Next to last scene of that storyline, they all go to a clinic and wait for Bernie (she took the kids in) to find out if it's bacterial or not. It is, so they're happy, it's gonna be gone before the wedding

Last scene is Amy Skyping with Sheldon and she only shows half of her face so that he can only see the eye that wasn't infected. Some funny talk between them (so we have 2 Shamy scenes). She suggests since he made up with his brother maybe he and Leonard should stay in Texas for ... (reads the instruction on the bottle of her medicine) next 2-3 days.

Georgie storyline

Sheldon and Leonard are in Texas and go to the tire store Georgie owns. It's called Dr Tire. Sheldon freaks out of course and says the only doctor there is him. Leonard says um I have a Phd also. Sheldon says do you wanna wait in the car?!

Georgie comes out and Sheldon says hello Georgie and he says he goes by 'George' now. Sheldon says it doesn't work for him. Leonard introduces himself, they shake hands. Georgie says they haven't talked in over 10 years, but of course, once Sheldon needs something from him he's there. Some overused, but funny jokes about Sheldon not getting sarcasm.

Next scene is in Georgie's office, he says so let me get this straight, you weren't gonna invite me to the wedding, but then mom said she wouldn't go, so now you want me to be there. Sheldon says I know you don't hear this often, but you’re exactly right. Leonard says 'not helping Sheldon'. Georgie says in a sugar coated voice well, if you wanted me there, all you had to do was ask nicely. So Sheldon does that (doesn’t come easy for him) and Georgie replies he'd rather swallow a pregnant cat and lets all her litter come out of him than be at his wedding (different line in the first 2 takes about swallowing a snake). Sheldon says wow I see why you got into tires, 'cause you are tiresome! Leonard says let's go and pulls him out. As they're walking out Sheldon asks if that was too rude... Leonard says not to rude... and not too good.

In the hotel room, Sheldon's on the phone with his mom. He's trying to tell her how it went but we get the idea she shuts him up because we just see him sit down and get sad and say 'yes ma'm.... yes ma'm... yes ma'm (basically the same replies as when he was speaking to her in the cold open). Leonard asks what that's about and Sheldon says his mom is not getting in the middle of it, she says they should work it out between them. Leonard asks why Sheldon doesn't want Georgie there in the first place... Sheldon says it's because he was a bully and mentions that Halloween story. Leonard says let me go talk to him...

At some point in that scene he mentions he knows what it feels like to live with a bully, Sheldon asks your brother bullied you too? He says no, he meant Penny.

Leonard walks in Georgie's office, Georgie's on the phone on a business call. Can't really repeat the conversation, they talk a bit about his work. Then Georgie says look if it's about Sheldon, there's nothing you can do. Leonard says but he's your brother! Georgie says they have nothing in common. Leonard says that's not true, you're both tall, you're both brothers... I don't know why I started it like it was a list. Georgie says a line that I can't remember, maybe that Leonard’s completely wrong? And Leonard says hey! that's a really Sheldon thing to say

Then they kinda bond and talk, Georgie says you know how I got to open my first tire store? I had to bust my ass off, because all of the extra money we've got were always spent on Sheldon. Sheldon's college tuition, him going to study in Germany... (probably there was some more) And how does it feel after all of that to still know he's mom's favorite kid? Leonard says if it helps, he's my mom's favorite too.

Then Georgie offers him a beer, Leonard says sure but could you open it for me? Georgie says it's (that kind of beer that opens easily, forgot the word...). Leonard says 'I know'. Georgie looks at him weirdly haha and opens it, it was one of the funniest scenes.

Leonard says I’m sure Sheldon wasn't the easier brother to grow up with, but look, you haven’t exactly been super nice to him either... what about that time on Halloween when you stole his costume? Georgie says, 'but he was gonna dress like a girl scientist!' Leonard says Madam Curie? Georgie says thinkingly 'I didn't know she was a madam!...’ Point is Georgie says he was gonna get beaten up for that, I did it to protect him. Then Leonard wonders what about the time you used to sit on his head when he tried to watch Star Trek? Georgie said well that was just funny. Leonard agrees. Georgie says he did a lot for Sheldon, he protected him, drove him around, apologized to people for him... I’m sure you've had to do all of that too and Leonard says yes he does all that, he can relate.

Next scene is hotel room, some funny moments with Sheldon calling room service, but he doesn't wanna order anything, he wants to correct their spelling in the menu. Leonard walks in with Georgie and says Sheldon, I think you gotta apologize to your brother... Sheldon is like 'wtf' and looks at Leonard and says I’m sorry?!!' Leonard says good, just like that, but more sincere and in that direction (points to Georgie). Georgie says forget it, it's a bad idea, it's like patching a tire.. and actually maybe not the best example cause one should never try to patch a tire, always get a new one.

Then Sheldon and Georgie kinda started accusing each other standing opposite each other on different sides of the room, and Leonard between them, and Leonard says good start, let all those feelings out, they both simultaneously turn to him and tell him to shut up, at that moment they do look like brothers and actually having way more in common then they think. So Leonard steps aside and they talk.

Georgie says I'm sorry life hasn't been easy for you, but it hasn't been easy for the rest of us either. Do you think it was easy for us when dad died and you went away to college? Mom was a mess. Sheldon says how can this be true, I've talked to mom all the time and she seemed fine! And what about Missy. Georgie says well it's because she was trying to protect you! And Missy was a stupid teenager, I've had to take care of both of them. Sheldon says then why you haven't said anything, Georgie said that's because I was trying to protect you too, you're my baby brother. Sheldon is a bit taken aback.

Actually a really powerful emotional scene. There was complete silence in the audience during Georgie's speech.

Then Sheldon genuinely says I'm sorry... And it would mean a lot to me to have my big brother with me at the wedding. Georgie says he wouldn't miss it.

Then he puts his hand on Sheldon's shoulder, Sheldon instead of hugging him pats his hand... After like a minute of complete silence the audience finally laughed.

Cut to Leonard who's tearing up and says 'Am I crazy or does it feel like we just patched a tire?' Then a little comedy moment with Sheldon looking at him judgementaly and saying come on Leonard, weren't you listening, he just said one should never patch a tire.

Taping report by Brilliantfool.[3]



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