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Footprints on the Moon.

"Footprints on the Moon"is the band that Howard and Raj formed in "The 2003 Approximation".

History of the Band

The band was formed when Raj and Howard were hanging out at the Comic Book Store and Stuart was looking to add live music to the store and was wondering if they knew some musicians if hopes of possibly getting them to play there. Howard started musing about how he always wanted to start a band. The name, "Footprints on the Moon", was one that Howard had dreamed of when he wanted to form a band in middle school. Raj was the one who suggested the kind of music they should play: filk music. This is a combination of folk music with a Sci-Fi theme. Stewart agreed with that kind of music because it sounded exactly like something he would not be expected to pay for.

During the composition of their first song, "Thor and Dr. Jones", Raj played a little for Emily. Her main criticism was that it was not suitable for dancing. This comment was also made later by Stuart when they had their first gig at the Comic Book Store. Raj suggested that they try to rewrite the music to be more suitable for dancing. This set off an argument and they broke-up the band for about a minute. Then they tearfully reunited. After playing their song at the Comic Book Store, it was obvious that nobody liked it.

Raj created a facebook page for the band in "The Earworm Reverberation". (Howard was upset at finding out about the facebook page because he thought they were going to make all the decisions together, but he got over it quickly when he discovered that they have a grand total of 1 fan. They tracked down their fan and were waiting to see if he would recognize them until the fan did something very gross, and they ran out. Ironically as they were leaving, the fan spoke up and started to ask them if they were the band members. They cut him off and assured him they were not as they fled out the door.

Gig History

Their first gig was at the Comic Book Store. Their first song was about a theoretical battle between Thor and Indiana Jones. The one complaint that observers had was the music was not suitable for dancing.

In "The Earworm Reverberation", it was revealed that the band had also played at a Children's Hospital, at least until they were asked to leave.

In "The Veracity Elasticity", the duo are seen playing the new "Fun with Flags" theme song, and Howard later accompanies Sheldon's jokes with a percussive sting on his keyboard.

In "The Separation Agitation", the group appears again for providing music and sound effects for Fun with Flags. This episode confirms that they're now regulars for this role.


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