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You can find the celestial graphic shirt over at CafePress

It's untitled, so there aren't keywords that'll find it in a search (stupid, I don't know why it won't turn up in a search). It'll come up to a default white shirt. To get to the orange or green, you'll have to select the "dark shirt" on the right side, then you'll be able to pick the right color.

Was hoping someone could help me identify a shirt that Sheldon wears..more specifically 2 shirts.

Both contain the same graphic; one is black and orange and is worn in The Luminous Fish Effect, and the other one was teal (I believe) and appears in The Hamburger Postulate.

Does anybody know what this is?

There's another version of the Goodnight graphic at Zazzle

You may have come across this website already:

It has lots of fun things including Sheldon's and Leonard's shirts.

22:38, 31 July 2009 (UTC)

You can find some of the more difficult to locate/identify shirts (as well as items in the apartment) over at:

Sheldon Fan Site

The shirt section and apartment sections are good. The season/episode list is lame or unfinished (or maybe they gave up on it after season one).

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