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The singing Soft Kitty plush toy is now available in the UK. This awesome toy will make all your fellow big bang theory fans Hulk green with envy.

Available along with other official Big Bang Theory merchandise at check it out now­eor­y-s­oft­-ki­t..­.sh­/
Soft kitty plush

Soft Kitty, singing plush toy

Haha that's awesome! I want one! :) Zeypher 05:16, February 20, 2012 (UTC)

when no hot blonde is available to sing soft kitty to you.

when a hot blonde is unavailable to sing you soft kitty you can always get one of these.
Soft kitty plush2

Little ball of fur

I love soft toys...........!


I love soft toys very much. but I am from India. Is this possible to send gifts to India?

I want to buy lovely soft toys and make a collection of them.

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