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Glenn is Bernadette's former professor and ex-boyfriend.

Character History

Glenn appeared in "The Love Car Displacement", in which he bumped into Bernadette and was introduced to Howard. He was going to do a panel on global warming, entitled "Remembering Snow: A Look Back", for the Institute of Interdisciplinary Studies’ symposium on "The Impact of Current Scientific Research on Societal Interactions". He didn't talk a lot, but Howard and Bernadette discussed him extensively. According to Bernadette, Glenn was one of her professors in university, and, subsequently, they dated for a year. Howard is intimidated by his height and his assumption of Glenn's male anatomy (penis), and is concerned he won't be able to pleasure her to the extent of which Glenn did. Because of his use of the name "Bernie" for Bernadette, Howard has used this nickname since "The Love Car Displacement".


  • Glenn stands at a height of 6'7" (2.01 m).
  • Glenn has a pet name for Bernadette - "Bernie".
  • Glenn is a college professor and an expert on global warming – he is most likely a climatologist.
  • Presumably, Glenn drove Penny back to LA in "The Love Car Displacement".
  • Glenn is the cause of the bed switching and panel question session breakdown incidents in "The Love Car Displacement" in which he appears.
  • Not to be confused with Sheldon's battle ostrich named Glenn from World of Warcraft.

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