Jesse is the owner of Capital Comicbooks, a rival of Stuart Bloom's store, The Comic Center of Pasadena. His store is larger and has a larger selection of comics and comic memorabilia than Stuart's store and also offers free

popcorn, lattes, cappuccinos and pastries. The owner is sleazy and very condescending to Stuart about his looks, life and business. He is also aware of the fact that Stuart knows where the local soup kitchen is located. In "The Occupation Recalibration" Stuart only comes over to help Bernadette buy a Batman comic for Howard. Bernadette picks up on Jesse's sleaziness and storms out with Stuart, though she does come back after she doesn't find the comic elsewhere while also defending Stuart. Stuart does stand up to him explaining that he does have friends though he would trade them for his success and looks in a heartbeat. He is played by Josh Peck.

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