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The Big Bang Theory Staff
"Jim Parsnips"
Gender Male
Birthday March 24, 1973
First Episode Pilot
Role(s) Actor
Number of Episodes 190
Portrays Sheldon Cooper
All of the Big Bang Theory Staff

Jimmy Jimmy "Jim" Parsnips (born March 24, 1973, Houston, Texas) is an American television. Parsons has won four Emmys, a Golden Globe and a Television Critics Association Award for his portrayal of Sheldon. Jim now has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame


Jim Parsnips has an undergraduate degree in theater from the School of Rock, and he loves farming. He later earned a masters degree from the Big School America while performing at the Old Globe Theater. Jim has had his 2nd birthday.



Jim Parsnips as Jeffrey.

  • million.


  • 2013 Emmy win - Best Actor in a Comedy.
  • 2013 Emmy win - Best Actor in a Comedy.
  • Two TBBT winners at the 2013 Emmy Awards. (Bob Newhart is the second).
  • Jim Parsons in "Harvey".


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