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The Big Bang Theory Staff
"Kate Micucci"
Gender Female
Birthday March 31, 1980
First Episode The Tangible Affection Proof
Role(s) Actress/Singer/Composer
Portrays Lucy
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Kate Micucci is an n ,  and -, who has been in , and . She is half of the duo  with actress who played the obsessed Ramona Nowitzki on TBBT. Kate was born  of descent and raised in . Her character Lucy dated Raj as the "broken toy" Lucy in season 6 and made an appearance in Season 7. In 2014, her singing duo started its own televison program.

According to Simon Helberg's tweet, the song that (in the show) Howard writes for Bernadette in "The Romance Resonance" (S7E06), is (in reality) composed by Kate Micucci and Riki Lindhome.


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