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Katee Sackhoff
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Howard's Masturbatory Fantasy
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Kathryn Ann "Katee" Sackhoff (born April 8, 1980, Portland, Oregon) is an actress who plays Captain Kara "Starbuck" Thrace on the popular sci-fi show remake; Battlestar Galactica  (2004-2009). Katee guest stared in two episodes ("The Vengeance Formulation" & "The Hot Troll Deviation") of The Big Bang Theory. In both episodes, she acted as Howard's masturbatory fantasies, both attempts of masturbation ended in failure, thanks to Mrs. Wolowitz. Although Katee is a manifestation of Howard's imagination, he doesn't have full control over her or his fantasies.

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Howard's confusing fantasy in The Hot Troll Deviation.
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In "The Vengeance Formulation", Katee acted as Howard's fantasy and questioned him about Bernadette. Howard's conversation with Katee helped him apologize and propose to Bernadette. Though Bernadette rejected his proposal, Bernadette and Howard continue dating.

In "The Hot Troll Deviation", Katee appeared again as Howard's fantasy, but this time in a flight suit. His fantasy begins with Katee flirtatiously talking to him, but the fantasy turned confusing with the appearance of Bernadette and George Takei. This helped Howard to muster the courage to talk and later got back together with Bernadette. On their first date (after getting back together), Katee and George helped Howard with his good night kiss with Bernadette though they we're giving him conflicting advice.


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  • Giving Howard love advice.

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