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Kwipke Kwippler

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Kwipke Kwippler

The Kwipke Kwippler is the robot built by Barry Kripke, also known as Kripke Krippler, for entry into the Southern California Robot Fighting League Round-Robin Invitational. It has the capability of destroying a Chevy Cavalier. It has a 3400RPM spinning blade and flame thrower.

After the gang builds their own robot, MONTE, aka. Mobile Omnidirectional Neutralization & Termination Eradicator. Barry taunts them into a fight before the Round-Robin because there was no guarantee they would actually be able to fight each other during the competition. The fight was very one-sided and MONTE lost.

The Kwipke Kwippler is only seen in "The Killer Robot Instability" and is never mentioned again.


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