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Raj (former boyfriend; set-up boyfriend)
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Lakshmi Choudhry is a girl from India, who Dr. and Mrs Koothrappali set Raj up with on a date in "The Transporter Malfunction".

Lakshmi was first mentioned in "The Guitarist Amplification" in the context of a date for Raj at his cousin Sanjay's wedding. She was going to specially fly in from London to meet him, but the plan did not go through.

Raj's date with her goes well, but it turns out that she is a lesbian and would marry Rajesh only
The Transporter Malfunction - Raj and Lakshmi
Lakshmi on a date with Raj.
Ms ChelseaAdded by Ms Chelsea
to cover up that fact. She chose him, as the rumor in India is that he is gay. Raj considers the option of marrying her, for the sake of getting his parents off his back. He ends up turning the idea down, wanting a woman who truly loved him.


  • Lakshmi's last name was revealed in "The Guitarist Amplification", when Mrs. Koothrappali said, via Skype, "Sheldon, ask our son what we’re supposed to say to Mr. and Mrs. Choudhry, whose daughter, Lakshmi is flying in from London, for the sole purpose of meeting him."


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