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The cast of "Little House on the Prairie".

Series History

Little House on the Prairie is one of Amy Farrah Fowler's favourite childhood T.V shows.

Amy mentions to Howard in The Scavenger Vortex that that she loves Little House on the Prairie when Howard asks about her life.

Sheldon makes an unscheduled Skype call to Amy to make a spontaneous date with Amy to watch Little House on the Prairie as a rue. On the date, Amy says how much she enjoys it she wanted to live on a farm. She once tried to milk her cat and has a tangy bowl of Cheerios.

The family in the opening scene was squatting in a Cabin on native land. Sheldon says what the Americans did to the Native Indians was worng.

Laura was eating a peanut butter sandwhich. He points out Peanut Butter wasn't invented until the early 1900's.

Amy catches on quickly that he's trying to get back at her for ruining Raiders of the Lost Ark

Sheldon notices Dr Baker was using a telephone in the counry even though they were only availible in large cities at the time. He calls it the Liitle House on the Preposterous.

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