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Sheldon and bird

Lovey-Dovey with Sheldon and Bernadette

Lovey-Dovey is a Black-throated Magpie-Jay that Sheldon at first feared but then adopted as a . Her tenure is short lived because Lovey-Dovey away shortly after when Sheldon opened the to retrieve her . She made her appearance in "The Ornithophobia Diffusion", the ninth episode of season 5. Lovey-Dovey had a nest built outside the of Sheldon and Leonard's apartment.

Sheldon attempting to scare the bird away

Sheldon had tried several failed attempts to her away, which included ing on the window, mimicking a , drawing a 's face on a paper then mimicked the cat's meow again, and trying to use his "Bird Death Ray" to shoo away the bird, which only succeeded in shattering the . He later put on a , held a , opened the window, and tried to shoo the bird away again. The bird flew in and landed on his spot.

Bird on Sheldon's seat

Lovey-Dovey sitting in Sheldon's spot.

When all efforts failed, he resorted to Amy and Bernadette's help since they are s to shoo the bird away. Bernadette comments that none of their included classes on birds and bird-shooing. The girls made him his and he ends up being ate of the bird, thus the name Lovey-Dovey. He even had Bernadette took a of him and the bird to put it on a , a and a . When Sheldon decided to keep the bird, he opened the window sill to retrieve her nest and that was when Lovey-Dovey flew away. A frustrated Sheldon found his with the bird's nest containing one . He eventually told Leonard that he is going to be a .

Sheldon put up these posters around the building when Lovey-Dovey flew away.



  • Lovey-dovey in Sheldon's spot.
  • Poster.
  • Sheldon trying to scare her.
  • Berandette coaching Sheldon to pet her.

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