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The Nearest Star song01:05

The Nearest Star song

The Stars Nearest To Me is a song Sheldon created as part of a game to be played while walking down flights of stairs, as he often uses commute time to exercise his mind with brain-teasers and intellectual games. In the midst of avoiding Amy on one occasion, a bored Sheldon rhythmically descended the stairs at the apartment complex, using them to guide him like a distance ladder through this song naming the star systems nearest to our solar system within 3.5 parsecs. In his initial attempt he forgot the trinary star system in the constellation Aquarius, EZ Aquarii, and, as he characteristically restarts any failed endeavor until it is perfected, repeats the process from the top of the stairs, correcting his error...(more)


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April 8, 2012
December 27, 2012
Leonard's and Penny's relationship has been the main plot driving force for most of the series. The show may be on for several more years, how far should the writers take their relationship? [As suggested by Physicsisphun]
The Results were
  • 7943 - Get married and adopt Sheldon (65.59%)
  • 2237 - Get married and have a child (18.47%)
  • 565 - Break up and never get back together (4.67%)
  • 542 - Get engaged, but never married (4.48%)
  • 462 - Get married (3.81%)
  • 362 - Stay boyfriend and girlfriend (2.99%)

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