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The Large Hadron Collider is referenced in The Large Hadron Collision, The Cushion Saturation, and The Wiggly Finger Catalyst. Leonard was asked by the university to fill in for Professor Norton to attend a conference and see the CERN Supercollider. As he got to bring a guest, Raj was granted the opportunity to see it with him, after his first and second choices, Penny and Sheldon, respectively, fell ill. Yet, Sheldon has been dreaming of going to the Large Hadron Collider since he was nine years old, thus, Leonard's initial decision created a schism. He even put a commitment in the roommate agreement, stipulating what should happen if either Leonard or himself were able to visit the LHC. According to the Friendship Rider in Appendix C, Future Commitments, Number 37, "in the event one friend is ever invited to visit the Large Hadron Collider, now under construction in Switzerland, he shall invite the other friend to accompany him." After receiving some unrestricted grant money, Leslie Winkle pulled some strings and got Howard on a research trip to Geneva to check out the CERN Supercollider. Sheldon also came close to figuring out why the Large Hadron Collider has yet to isolate the Higgs boson particle, after becoming unburdened by trivial decisions for some time...(more)


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April 8, 2012
December 27, 2012
Leonard's and Penny's relationship has been the main plot driving force for most of the series. The show may be on for several more years, how far should the writers take their relationship? [As suggested by Physicsisphun]
The Results were
  • 7943 - Get married and adopt Sheldon (65.59%)
  • 2237 - Get married and have a child (18.47%)
  • 565 - Break up and never get back together (4.67%)
  • 542 - Get engaged, but never married (4.48%)
  • 462 - Get married (3.81%)
  • 362 - Stay boyfriend and girlfriend (2.99%)

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