Moondance was the pet pig owned by Penny Hofstadter on the family farm in Nebraska. He is introduced - and deceased - in episode "The Bachelor Party Corrosion". Apparently Wyatt ran over him in a tractor-and-rotivator accident.

The Bachelorette Party Corrosion

Penny reacts to Moondance's Death

Porcine trivia

  • Pigs commercially bred for food seldom live past physical maturity at around 7-10 months. But a pig kept for other reasons, say as a pet, might, with care, shelter and regular veterinarian attention, live to 19-20 years. The world record for a pet pig who isn't run over by a tractor and rototiller currently stands at 21 year 7 months. Therefore it is not impossible this could have been Penny's childhood pet - hence her reaction. Nebraska is a major pork producing state in the USA. A single pig barn on one farm might hold 6,200 animals. Moondance was a lucky pig indeed, despite his sad end.
  • For one woman's love for her pet pig, called "Baby", see ☀
  • The name of Penny's pet pig might have been inspired by the Van Morrison album released in 1970. The title track Moondance is a mellow romantic ballad set to a big band rhythm.

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