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Mrs. Fowler
Mrs f
Amy's mother chatting online with Amy and Sheldon
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Amy's mother, Mrs. Fowler, appears briefly in "The Desperation Emanation" via webcam, where she speaks to Amy and meets Sheldon. Amy introduces him as her boyfriend and tells her that they are having sex regularly. Mrs. Fowler is horrified by how bluntly they describe the frequency of their sex.

As a parent, she made a deal with her daughter to get her to do things. For example, in "The Robotic Manipulation", Amy says she agreed to date someone at least once a year in return for the use of her mother's George Foreman grill. Other words of wisdom from Mrs. Fowler include that playing hooky leads to addictions to reefers and jazz ("The Contractual Obligation Implementation") and that doing a puzzle is like having a thousand friends ("The Scavenger Vortex"). She wouldn't let Amy watch the movie "Grease" while growing up because she thought it would encourage her to join a gang ("The Rothman Disintegration").

In ""The Bachelor Party Corrosion", Bernadette and Penny get Amy to call her mother to tell her that she broke up with Sheldon.

She is played by Annie O'Donnell and listed as "Mrs. Fowler" in the episode's closing credits.



Data and Mrs. Fowler on "Night Court".

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