Needy Baby, Greedy Baby is a psychology book written by Leonard's mother, Dr. Beverly Hofstadter. It is mentioned in "The Recombination Hypothesis". 


Needy Baby, Greedy Baby
Sheldon explaining the book

Sheldon explaining the book

The Book
Written by  Dr. Beverly Hofstadter
Published 2011-2012
Series Information
Episode The Recombination Hypothesis


Mentioned by Sheldon Cooper

The book was written in 2012 by Leonard's mother. It was mentioned in the 100th episode while RajHoward and Sheldon are playing The Settlers of Catan. Howard asks why he is going out with Penny again and Sheldon suggests a hypothesis from Beverly Hofstadter's book Needy Baby, Greedy Baby of Leonard being "attracted to a good-natured simpleton] like Penny is because she is the opposite of his first romantic attachment,  his mother. Leonard is perplexed and asks where he got that notion from. Sheldon tells him where and Leonard tells him it's not true. Sheldon tells him that if it's non-fiction, it's true.