Now mounted in Apartment 4A.

To commemorate their friendship in "The Rothman Disintegration", Amy had made a painting of the two of them for Penny. The painting is huge, generally brown in color and considered ugly by most everybody who sees it. Also Penny's features are somewhat masculine and cost $3000. Penny accepts it and with Amy's help it is mounted on the right side of her entrance doorway. Penny decides to remove it when Amy is not around; however, Amy realizes this and takes the painting back. Penny rushes over to Amy's apartment to save their friendship and she takes the painting back. The painting is then remounted next to Penny's entertainment center on the nonexistent wall facing the audience in Apartment 4B and is not seen again until Penny moves her belongings out of her old apartment ("The Property Division Collision") . It gets mounted in what is now Leonard and Penny's apartment again mounted on the nonexistent wall facing the audience next to Leonard's desk. it is also revealed that the artist commited suicide shortly after completing the portrait, which Amy considers will eventually give it considerable resale value.


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