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Security officers who had to deal with the extremely bright scientists who frustrated them, especially Sheldon.

Oscar Mechoso as Officer Hackett The Bozeman Reaction who Sheldon called when Apartment 4A was robbed.

Folmar as the Guard The Excelsior Acquisition who told the Sheldon in jail to use the cell toilet.

Lanny Joon as Officer Shin The Zarnecki Incursion who Sheldon called when his World of Warcraft account was hacked.

Kevin Brief as Security Guard The Beta Test Initiation who showed Raj Siri's office in his dream.

as Officer Reynolds The Bakersfield Expedition who looked into Leonard's stolen car.

Folmar as Mall Security Guard The Hesitation Ramification who talked to Raj and Stuart.

Barrera as Officer Hernandez The Locomotion Interruption who took care of Sheldon after he was robbed in Kingman, Arizona.

Dempsey as Guard #1 The Skywalker Incursion who detained Sheldon and Leonard after Sheldon jumped the fence at Skywalker Ranch.

Barrett as Guard #2 The Skywalker Incursion who told Leonard and Sheldon to come in when the gate speaker wasn't working at Skywalker Ranch.

Folmar as Police Officer who pulls over Howard.

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