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Ramona Nowitzki
Graduate Student (Physics)
Series Information
First episode
Portrayed by
Riki Lindhome

Ramona Nowitzki is a graduate student at Caltech who is a huge fan of Sheldon's work and apparently has a near-obsessive crush on him. She only appears in "The Cooper-Nowitzki Theorem".

She meets Sheldon personally in the cafeteria and arranges to have dinner with him in his apartment. Where other people might be worried about such behavior being reminiscent of stalking, Sheldon reacts positively to Ramona by appreciating the fact that he's getting a free dinner. The rest of the gang is sitting on the couch as spectators of this strange turn of events.

She keeps "helping" Sheldon by arranging suitable working conditions for him, such as getting breakfast for him at the cafeteria and giving him foot rubs. Unfortunately for Sheldon, she overdoes her insistence that Sheldon dedicate his time solely for work, depriving him of his favorite hobbies such as playing games, watching TV, and going for paintball with the guys. Even more unfortunately for Sheldon, he can't seem to get rid of her, especially when she settles herself in his apartment. At times, she appears very suddenly and stalks around the apartment staring at people like the T-X terminator from Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines.

Ramona proves to be irritating for the entire group, especially when she assumes that Penny likes Sheldon. She still asks Penny to be sisters with her. She makes it difficult for anyone to communicate with him and scares them away.

Adoring Sheldon.

Eventually, Sheldon solves the problem he's been working on. Enthusiastic about his solution, he asks Ramona how he can reward her for all her help. But when she asks for him to share credit with her and name the theorem "Cooper-Nowitzki", he finally kicks her out of the apartment, suggesting that she befriended him so as to claim credit for his work (though she did think that he was cute) and she was never seen again after that.



  • Ramona working on Sheldon's toes.
  • Ramona getting back at Leslie's comments.
  • What can I do for you?
  • Sisters!
  • Doctor "Sheldon Cooper"?
  • I thought we were going to be alone.
  • Preparing Sheldon breakfast.
  • Sheldon and his date.
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