On Tuesday, January 12, 2016, Chuck Lorre announced that Season 10 will not be the last season, which means there is at least a Season 11. The CBS network has also said there will be a Season 11. However on Tuesday, March 21, 2017 it was announced that the show was renewed for an eleventh and twelfth season. It premiered on Monday, September 25, 2017.

This season marks the ten year anniversary of the show.

During this season, the main cast are going to take a pay cut so Mayim Bialik and Melissa Rauch can get their raise and they can stay on the show.


Season 11


Episode (Series)

Episode (Season/Ep#)

Title Original Air Date Directed By Description
232 01 The Proposal Proposal September 25, 2017 Mark Cendrowski Amy answers Sheldon's marriage proposal and Howard and Bernadette are expecting another baby.
233 02 The Retraction Reaction October 2, 2017 Mark Cendrowski Leonard is interviewed by NPR on Physics which does not go well. Meanwhile, Bernadette and Amy talk about their success.
234 03 The Relaxation Integration October 9, 2017 Mark Cendrowski Sheldon struggles with picking a wedding date, while Amy tells him to learn to relax. Raj and Stuart fight over a co-worker of Bernadette's.
235 04 The Explosion Implosion October 16, 2017 Mark Cendrowski Howard is worried about raising a son. He tries to regenerate his interest in model rockets with Sheldon.
236 05 The Collaboration Contamination October 23, 2017 Nikki Lorre Leonard and Penny use Bernadette's parenting book to try and control Sheldon. Meanwhile Howard and Amy work together in their lab causing Rajesh, Bernadette and Sheldon to feel jealous and lonely.
237 06 The Proton Regeneration November 2, 2017 Mark Cendrowski Sheldon and Wil Wheaton go head to head for the role of Professor Proton. Penny takes care of Halley when Howard and Bernadette are both on bed rest.
238 07 The Geology Methodology November 9, 2017 Mark Cendrowski Sheldon helps Bert and is fascinated by his work, but is embarrassed to tell his friends. Raj meets up with Ruchi again. Penny, Stuart and Howard think he will mess up again.
239 08 The Tesla Recoil November 16, 2017 Anthony Rich Leonard and Howard are furious after they learn Sheldon went to work with the military behind their backs. Bernadette asks Raj to do some digging when she suspects Ruchi is trying to steal her job.
240 09 The Bitcoin Entanglement November 30, 2017 Mark Cendrowski Sheldon tries to teach the guys a lesson after they cut him out of their Bitcoin mining operation. Also, a seven-year-old video reveals a secret about Leonard and Penny’s relationship.
241 10 The Confidence Erosion December 7, 2017 Mark Cendrowski Sheldon and Amy try to eliminate stress from wedding planning by applying math to the process ending up at city hall. Also, Raj “breaks up” with Howard after realizing his best friend is actually hurting his confidence.
242 11 The Celebration Reverberation December 14, 2017 Mark Cendrowski Sheldon throws Amy a birthday party while Howard and Raj have tension between them.
243 12 The Matrimonial Metric January 4, 2018 Mark Cendrowski Sheldon and Amy try to use science to decide who will be their maid of honor and best man. Penny reveals her true feelings about Amy.
244 13 TBA January, 2018 Mark Cendrowski TBA
245 14 TBA February, 2018 Mark Cendrowski TBA
246 15 TBA February, 2018 Mark Cendrowski TBA
247 16 TBA February, 2018 Mark Cendrowski TBA
248 17 TBA February, 2018 Mark Cendrowski TBA
249 18 TBA March, 2018 Mark Cendrowski TBA
250 19 TBA March, 2018 Mark Cendrowski TBA
251 20 TBA April, 2018 Mark Cendrowski TBA
252 21 TBA April, 2018 Mark Cendrowski TBA
253 22 TBA April, 2018 Mark Cendrowski TBA
254 23 TBA May, 2018 Mark Cendrowski TBA
255 24 TBA May, 2018 Mark Cendrowski TBA


  • We know Amy's answer to Sheldon's proposal and she said yes and thus, they become engaged.
  • Howard and Bernadette are expecting another baby. This is due to Melissa Rauch being pregnant in real life.
  • Raj will still struggle financially and still will have trouble finding another relationship that will end badly for him.
  • Leonard and Penny are considering or thinking about having children, they will do what it'll take to get Penny pregnant.[1]
  • After the season premiere on September 25, 2017, its prequel Young Sheldon will air its special sneak peek preview.
  • We might have a year long engagement. We might meet Amy's mother again and her father for the first time and perhaps Sheldon's brother, brother-in-law and nephew while Missy Cooper and Meemaw may reappear.
  • According to Steve Holland who is the show-runner starting with this season, Will Wheaton will return in this season since his absence from Season 10.[2] And this has confirmed to be true since it has been stated that he reappeared in "The Proton Regeneration" (S11E6), along with Professor Proton[3], their first appearances since "The Opening Night Excitation" (S9E11) and "The Celebration Experimentation", respectively and a span of 43 episodes and a span of 37 episodes, respectively.
  • John Ross Bowie will return as Barry Kripke in future episodes and make multiple appearances since Season 9.[4]
  • Raj will see Ruchi again.
  • Zack will reappear in Episode 9.


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