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Season 8
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Sept 22, 2014 - Present
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The eighth season of The Big Bang Theory was confirmed on March 12, 2014, after a 3-season deal with the network which renewed the series through its tenth season, meaning that it will now run until at least 2017.  No plot spoilers for Season 8 have yet been released. TBBT will start airing on Mondays, in front of Mom, due to the NFL game schedule. It will move back to Thursdays on October 30, 2014 before The Millers. The season premiere will air on September 22, 2014.

As of August 4, Johnny Galecki, Jim Parsons and Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting have signed a three year contract for 1 Million for each episode. Simon Helberg and Kunal Nayyar have also signed a contract for three seasons for more than $750,000 per episode. There were some contract issues between Galecki, Cuoco-Sweeting, and Parsons, however these issues have been resolved.

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Episode (Series) Episode (Season/Ep#) Title Original Air Date Directed By Description
160 801

The Locomotion Interruption

September 22, 2014 Mark Cendrowski

Sheldon is robbed while on his train journey and Amy is miffed when he calls Leonard to come and get him.

161 802

The Junior Professor Solution

September 22, 2014 Mark Cendrowski Sheldon gets the promotion and must teach a class. Bernie is pushing Penny as her job approaches.
162 803

The First Pitch Insufficiency

September 29, 2014 Mark Cendrowski

Howard has been asked by NASA to throw out the first pitch at a Los Angeles Angels baseball game.
SheldonAmyPenny and Leonard get into an argument over which couple has the better relationship.

163 804

The Hook-up Reverberation

October 6, 2014 Mark Cendrowski Emily meets everyone and takes a dislike to Penny since she had hooked-up with Raj. The guys think about investing in Stuart's comic book store.


  • This season will feature a further 24 episodes, adding the total amount of episodes for the entire series up to 183.
  • Penny will have a new haircut based upon Kaley's new hairdo.
  • Penny's mother may show up since the wedding is in the air. Lisa Kudrow is still Kaley's choice to play her mother, though no official casting has been announced.
  • Emily will be back next season, but her status is not yet established.
  • According to the production staff, Penny will, at least during her break from acting, be a pharmaceutical representative or salesperson at Bernadette's company. This causes relationship problems between Leonard and Penny and between Bernie and Penny. She will develop confidence and finally make a respectable income.
  • Stuart will still be working with Mrs. Wolowitz.
  • The comic book store will be rebuilt.
  • Sheldon gets appointed to a Junior Professor post. The job may, at least to Sheldon, be only a temporary job as he may only begrudgingly accept it as he is still trying to figure out what he wants to do.
  • Tensions will heat up between Sheldon and Amy, though they resolve their problems, according to Mayim Bialik.
  • Emily does not like Penny since she crawled into bed with Raj three years ago.
  • The Wolowitzs will be looking into buying a house. Then maybe kids.


  • People interview for season 8.


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