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Season 8
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Sept 22, 2014 - Present
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The eighth season of The Big Bang Theory was confirmed on March 12, 2014, after a 3-season deal with the network CBS which renewed the series through its tenth season, meaning that it will now run until at least 2017. The Big Bang Theory will start airing on Mondays, in front of The Millers only on October 20, the last episode on Mondays, all due to the NFL game schedule. It will move back to Thursdays on October 30, 2014 before Mom. The season premiere aired on September 22, 2014.

On August 4, Johnny Galecki, Jim Parsons and Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting signed three year contracts for one million dollars for each episode. Simon Helberg and Kunal Nayyar have also signed contracts for three seasons for more than $750,000 per episode. There were some contract issues between Galecki, Cuoco-Sweeting, and Parsons; however, these issues have been resolved.

On November 12, 2014, Carol Ann Susi, the actress who played the role of Mrs. Wolowitz, Howard’s mother, died after a brief battle with an aggressive form of cancer. In January 2015, it was announced that the character of Debbie Wolowitz would pass away in "The Comic Book Store Regeneration".

On February 27, 2015, Leonard Nimoy, Sheldon's iconic favorite in Star Trek, playing Spock, died from complications of COPD, (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease).

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Episode (Series)

Episode (Season/Ep#)

Title Original Air Date Directed By Description
160 801 The Locomotion Interruption September 22, 2014 Mark Cendrowski Sheldon is robbed while on his train journey and Amy is miffed when he calls Leonard to come and get him instead of her.
161 802

The Junior Professor Solution

September 22, 2014 Mark Cendrowski Sheldon gets the promotion and must teach a class. Bernadette is pushing Penny to study as her job approaches.
162 803

The First Pitch Insufficiency

September 29, 2014 Mark Cendrowski

Howard has been asked by NASA to throw out the first pitch at a  Los Angeles Angels baseball game. Sheldon, Amy, Penny and Leonard get into an argument over which couple has the better relationship.

163 804

The Hook-up Reverberation

October 6, 2014 Mark Cendrowski Emily meets everyone and takes a dislike to Penny since she had hooked-up with Raj. The guys think about investing in Stuart's comic book store.
164 805

The Focus Attenuation

October 13, 2014 Mark Cendrowski The girls go to Vegas for the weekend, while the guys go on a 'physicis retreat'.
165 806

The Expedition Approximation

October 20, 2014 Mark Cendrowski Raj and Sheldon try testing themselves for a mining expedition and Leonard and Penny worry about money in their marriage.
166 807

The Misinterpretation Agitation

October 30, 2014 Mark Cendrowski One of Penny's clients who is a middle-aged doctor takes a shine to her and every woman he meets.
167 808 The Prom Equivalency November 6, 2014 Mark Cendrowski The girls decide to reenact their high school proms especially since none of them except for Penny had memorable ones.
168 809 The Septum Deviation November 13, 2014 Anthony Rich Sheldon worries about Leonard when he goes into the hospital for an operation, while Raj worries about his parents who are getting a divorce.
169 810 The Champagne Reflection November 20, 2014 Mark Cendrowski Howard, Raj and Leonard cleanup the life's work of a professor who passed away, Bernadette faces up to her bullying personality and Sheldon records the last episode of "Fun with Flags".
170 811 The Clean Room Infiltration December 11, 2014 Mark Cendrowski Amy hosts a traditional Victorian Christmas Eve dinner while the guys are trying to shoo out a bird they let into the university clean room.
171 812 The Space Probe Disintegration January 8, 2015 Mark Cendrowski Penny and Amy take their guys shopping while Leonard and Sheldon discuss their living arrangements. Raj is worried about how his experiment on a space probe is working.
172 813 The Anxiety Optimization January 29, 2015 Mark Cendrowski Sheldon wants to increase his anxiety level to improve his work performance. Howard starts guessing whether Raj's random comments are about Emily or his dog.
173 814 The Troll Manifestation February 5, 2015 Mark Cendrowski Sheldon and Leonard publish a paper based upon an idea by Leonard critized by an internet troll. The girls start perusing embarrassing things from their pasts.
174 815 The Comic Book Store Regeneration February 19, 2015 Mark Cendrowski Amy is helping Barry Kripke and doing experiments on her friends. Stuart reopens his comic book store, while Howard gets the news of the death of his mother.
175 816 The Intimacy Acceleration February 26, 2015 Mark Cendrowski Penny and Sheldon conduct an intimacy experiment, while the airline loses the ashes of Howard's mother after they return from her funeral.
176 817 The Colonization Application March 5, 2015 Mark Cendrowski Amy and Sheldon take the next step in their relationship and get a pet while Sheldon announces that he is volunteering to go to Mars. Raj is snooping around Emily's bedroom. Leonard and Penny are trying sex painting. 
177 818 The Leftover Thermalization March 12, 2015 Mark Cendrowski A final dinner of Debbie Wolowitz's cooking is held when the lost of electricity defrosts her freezer. A magazine publishes an article on Sheldon and Leonard's theory without mentioning Leonard.
178 819 The Skywalker Incursion April 2, 2015 Mark Cendrowski Sheldon and Leonard go to George Lucas' house; while the others are cleaning out Howard's old house which results in a ping-pong battle for Howard's TARDIS.
179 820 The Fortification Implementation April 9, 2015 Mark Cendrowski Howard finds out that he has a half-brother, Sheldon and Amy have a sleepover and Penny gets an offer to audition for a movie.
180 821 The Communication Deterioration April 16, 2015 Mark Cendrowski The guys split up into teams to work on a NASA project to communicate with aliens, while Penny considers taking a movie audition.

Trivia Edit

  • This season will have the same number of 24 episodes, adding the total amount of episodes for the entire series up to 183. Next season will be the 200th episode. (Season trend). (S9E17) (200th episode) 
  • Penny will have a new haircut based upon Kaley's new hairdo. Sheldon has problems with it. (Season trend)
  • Penny's mother may show up since the wedding is in the air. Lisa Kudrow is still Kaley's choice to play her mother, though no official casting has been announced.
  • Emily will be a recurring cast this season. (Season trend)
  • According to the production staff, Penny will, at least during her break from acting, be a pharmaceutical representative or salesperson at Bernadette's company. This causes relationship problems between Leonard and Penny and between Bernie and Penny. She will develop confidence and finally make a respectable income. (Season trend)


  • Penny connecting with the job interviewer over Bernadette being very scary.
  • Sheldon taking a vacation photo.
  • Are you knitting any pants?
  • Sheldon has to teach a class.
  • Teacher's pets.
  • People interview for season 8.
  • Watching Howard throw out the first pitch at a LA Angels game.
  • Howard at Angels Stadium.
  • The girls partying in Las Vegas.
  • Emily working out her problems with Penny.
  • The guys think about investing in Stuart's comic book store.
  • Practicing being underground to attend a dark matter experiment.
  • Emily returns as Raj's girlfriend.
  • Billy Bob Thorton is a creepy doctor who falls for Penny and the other girls.
  • I love you too.
  • The gang staging a do-over prom.
  • Both roommates have recovering noses.
  • Amy writes her and Sheldon into a Little House on the Prairie story.
  • Toasting the late Mrs. Debbie Wolowitz.
  • The new comic book store.
  • The last Wolowitz meal.

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