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Clerks that worked in stores who had to deal with the extremely bright scientists who frustrated them, especially Sheldon.

Angela Relucio as Hostess The Comic Book Store Regeneration who worked at the deli where Raj and Leonard met Nathan Filion.

Jonathan Schmock as Jonathan The Shiny Trinket Maneuver, the jewelry store clerk who sold Sheldon Amy's tiara.

Michael Hyatt as Charlotte The Bath Item Gift Hypothesis who work at the bath shop and was uncomfortable when Sheldon tried to talk to her.

Whitney Avalon as Elsie The Wildebeest Implementation who was behind the counter of a coffee shop when Raj was on a experimental drug.

Will Deutsch as Jeremy The Friendship Algorithm who was at the bookstore.

William Stanford Davis as Dry Cleaner The Parking Spot Escalation who served Sheldon when he wants his couch cushion cleaned.

Fernando Riveria as Sales Person The Indecision Amalgamation who told Sheldon the computer store was closed.


Can you clean this?

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