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The Big Bang Theory Staff
"Summer Glau"
Gender Female
Birthday July 24, 1981
First Episode The Terminator Decoupling
Role(s) Actress
Portrays Herself
All of the Big Bang Theory Staff

Summer Glau (born "Summer Lyn Glau" on July 24, 1981, San Antonio, Texas) is an American actress, known for playing River Tam in the science fiction series Firefly and follow-up film Serenity, the television season Dollhouse and for playing Cameron in the series Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles.

Character informationEdit

180px-Summer Glau

Howard with Summer

In "The Terminator Decoupling", the gang takes a train ride instead of an airplane; as Sheldon insisted on the train ride all the way to San Francisco for a conference. On the train, they discover sci-fi actress Summer Glau is also on the train. Soon, Raj, Leonard and Howard fight over who would go over to talk to her. While Howard thinks of a clever line to say, and finally finds a suitable one, 'it's hot in here, it must be summer," Raj heads over to Summer with a beer in the hand, and steals his line, instantly making a good impression. He later discovered he was drinking non-alcoholic beer. When he notices the bottle, of course, he quits talking. Wolowitz then takes over and creeps Summer Glau out. Leonard eventually gets his chance, but she gets off the train before he can introduce himself.


  • Summer Glau.
  • Howard boring Summer Glau.
  • Summer is amused by Raj.
  • Raj and Summer.
  • Guest star Summer Glau and the cast of The Big Bang TheoryGo to Summer Glau Wiki

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