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This template is an infobox. It should be used on episode pages to summarize key information.

If editing in source mode, copy and paste the following code into the article and fill in the fields.

Any parameters left blank will not appear.

{{Episode infobox
| name		= 
| image		= 
| caption	= 
| season no	= 
| episode no	= 
| airdate	= 
| guest star	= 
| writer	= 
| teleplay	= 
| story		= 
| director	= 
| previous ep	= 
| next ep	= 
| previous seas	= 
| next seas	= 
Parameter What to fill it with
name Bbt wiki atom icon Name of the episode.
image A suitable image showing the episode.
caption If necessary, a relevant caption.
season no Simply type the season number of the episode (e.g. 3).
episode no Simply type the season number of the episode (e.g. 14).
airdate First airdate
guest star Guest star(s)
writer Episode writer(s)
teleplay Teleplay writer(s)
story Story writer(s)
director Director of the episode
previous ep Previous episode
next ep Next episode
previous seas Previous season
next seas Previous season
Bbt wiki atom icon These fields are mandatory.

Episode infobox

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