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The following is a list of all the Featured Videos on the Big Bang Theory Wiki. A featured video is displayed on the front page of the Wiki. It can vary which video will be featured. Videos are chosen if they are artistically valuable or depict an interesting aspect of the show. It can be an interview, a promo, or an exclusive look on the upcoming episode.

If there's a particular video you found interesting and would like to be featured, leave a message on my Talk Page and we can discuss it further.

Featured Video 46 (3 September 2012 - ?)

Featured Video 45 (4 July 2012 - 3 September 2012)

Featured Video 44 (2 June 2012 - 4 July 2012)

Featured Video 43 (18 April 2012 - 2 June 2012)

Featured Video

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Featured Video 42 (4 November 2011 - 18 April 2012)

Featured Video 41 (29 Oct 2011 - 4 November 2011)

Featured Video

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Older Videos

You can find older featured videos that were displayed in the mainpage for the Big Bang Theory wiki here. Each archive will eventually contains 10 different featured videos.

Featured Videos ARCHIVES

I - II - III - IV

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