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This page documents an official policy on the Big Bang Theory Wiki.

It has wide acceptance among editors and is considered a standard that everyone should follow.

Below is the TBBT Wiki policy on media files, including Uploading and Usage. Due to certain copyright laws, it is encouraged that these guidelines are followed when uploading these type of files into the BBTWiki.

For the guide on uploading and related markup, see Help:Images.


Every article on this wiki should be written in Commonwealth English. Every article should be of a decent length; if not, and provided more can be added to it, the {{stub}} tag should be added to the article.

Custom and CourtesyEdit

These are the basic custom and courtesy in the Big Bang Theory Wiki, but it is not limited to:

  • Be Polite
  • Don't make offensive comments
  • Don't include offensive materials


Vandalism is not welcome on the Big Bang Theory Wiki. At first you will get a warning and if you continue to vandalize after that, you will get blocked. You will be notified if you are blocked to tell you.


Every article has to have content on it. Any articles will be deleted for, but not limited:

  • No content
  • Little to no content
  • An already existed and/or similar article already created

(Administrators of TBBT has the right to remove any articles without an explanation. Ignorance of this warning might result in a warning and a possible block)


  • Any files uploaded should serve a purpose. If no page uses them in any way, the file will be deleted.
  • Please use the Upload form to upload single files, or Multiple Upload form for less than 5 files. The same directions apply.


It is now possible to have videos from YouTube on here. Here is our policy regarding videos:

  • Use the <youtube></youtube> tags to put them in articles.
  • Must be related to the Big Bang Theory
    • Such as clips, interviews, and promos
  • Must not show full episode or else it will violate the copyright policy.
  • Must be properly categorized as Category:Videos
  • Anything that doesn't relate or pertain to the Big Bang Theory will be deleted.
  • For any time and reason, if any pornographic videos are uploaded into this wiki, it will deleted and you will be banned permanently.


  • Box covers, screenshots, official art, or any other picture of something that the show probably made is asserted to be fair use on this site since they are not being used commercially. Therefore, you do not need to check to see if you can use it.
  • The following images are subject to Deletion:
    • Any copyrighted image for which ALL of the following apply:
      • Someone other than the Big Bang Theory or one of cast's designers owns it
      • The image is not used in mainspace or templatespace (or is used in those places for reasons other than commentary, description, or parody, all of which are fair use)
      • You didn't obtain permission to use it
    • Racist or obscene pictures
    • Goatse or other shock images
    • Pornographic Material
    • When uploading images, please include:


  • Fanart you made yourself are especially encouraged in this wiki. Please categorize your uploaded fanart as Category:Fanart.
  • If you want to upload fanarts and pictures of fan-drawn comics, you must first obtain permission from the artist or writer. They own the copyright to their work, and using fanart does not qualify as fair use because it is not canon, and it is disrespectful to the artist.
  • If it is uploaded without permission, templates "Copyright" or "VFD" will be added to the image and you'll have a week or so to get permission to use the image. If you fail to do so, the image will be deleted.

User ImagesEdit

  • If an image is 100% self-created or a photograph you have taken, categorize it as Category:User Images. Under Licensing you may release it under the Creative Commons or another compatible license, release it into the public domain, or decide to keep it copyrighted.
  • If an image is only partially self-created, i.e. uses copyrighted material in some form, but is otherwise created by the user (e.g. desktop backgrounds, character collages, etc.), it must have a fair-use rationale and be categorized as a Category:Fair use images.
  • If an image fits as a "self-created image", but is made by someone other than you, it must be added with permission from the artist. If it is not, the same rules as with fanart apply.
  • If an image fails all the above, but would still be used, please upload it to an external image hosting website. If it is uploaded to the BBTWiki, it will be deleted.

Copyrighted ImagesEdit

  • Any copyrighted image uploaded must have fair-use rationale and must be categorized as Category:Fair use images.
  • Any copyrighted image that does not have rationale, such as random cast/staff or Big Bang Theory-related images, must be uploaded to an external image hosting website. If it is uploaded to the BBTWiki, it will be deleted.

Pornographic MaterialEdit

  • Anyone who uploads even one pornographic picture will be permantly banned. There will be NO exceptions!

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