"The Proposal Proposal" is the first episode and season premiere of the eleventh season of the American sitcom The Big Bang Theory. The episode aired on September 25, 2017.


Howard and Bernadette are expecting a second child, while Amy gives her answer to Sheldon's marriage proposal.

Extended Plot

Opening scene: Amy's room in Princeton. Leonard and Penny call Sheldon. Sheldon lets them know that he proposed, and naturally they want to know Amy's answer. Amy didn't get a chance to respond, still Sheldon was on the phone. He asks, and she says yes. He said he had to ask one man for his blessing: Stephen Hawking, who appears in a pre-recorded scene. Amy wants to know if Sheldon asked her dad, and he says he did. Back in Amy's hotel room, Amy reveals that she's upset by Sheldon discrediting her research, and him having to be the center of attention. She storms into her room, leaving Sheldon to wonder where to go. He ends up in her bathroom, skyping with Hawking.

Amy asks Sheldon to stay extra days to be with her, but he says he didn't pack enough clothes. Amy suggests that they go to a nearby comic book store for clothes, and Sheldon's mood instantly changes. Later, Sheldon wears a pretty wild blue shirt with an unidentified pattern.

Raj was humorously bitter over his friends' happiness and the fact that Stuart had a date.

Sheldon and Amy go out to dinner with two of Amy's colleagues. While there, Sheldon wants to talk about himself, despite the colleagues praising Amy's work.

In the cafeteria, Raj approaches Ramona and wants to rub it in her face that Sheldon and Amy are engaged. She says that she heard. He says this is the last time that he's going to ask her out, and she says she hopes so, turning him down. Raj tells the guys that one of them will be crying themselves to sleep. The guys immediately guess that it'll be Raj.

Each member of the gang was called and informed of the proposal, before or after the Mary scene. Although, Stuart didn't receive a call.

Sheldon's mother Mary Cooper (Laurie Metcalf) appears in a pre-recorded scene on the phone with Sheldon. Basically, Mary thanks God for allowing this to happen. Sheldon says that they won't be having a church wedding, but Mary says that Jesus is in her heart and that if she's there, he's there. Sheldon says then he can be her plus one.

At the Wolowitz house, Bernadette and Howard tell Stuart that they need to talk. He fears that it is because of him allowing a woman with a limp and glass eye to spend the night, but they tell him that they're expecting. After finding out that they're not kicking him out, he is over the moon about the new baby and is clearly the happiest of the three of them. This was shot 3-4 times, with Stuart kissing, embracing them, and saying how their "little family is growing."

Back in 4A, Penny comes home to Leonard holding a chocolate cake with sprinkles. Penny wants to know if it's their anniversary, and Leonard says that he want to celebrate them, since there is so much going on in their friends' lives. He didn't want her to feel sad. Penny remarks that her one friend is having a baby, while the other is engaged to one. She's content with current life. This was filmed twice... In the second take, Leonard turns his back for a brief moment and finds Penny's face in the cake, eating. In Penny and Leonard's apartment, Howard and Bernadette are having dinner with Leonard and Penny. Leonard says that he heard about Bernie's pregnancy. Both Bernadette and Howard think it would be good for Penny and Leonard to have a baby, so their kids could play together. Both say no, and Leonard says that they'll get pregnant when they are ready or if Penny ever threatens to leave. Penny says that when she finds clothes she likes, she gets them in multiple colors. They all look at her, and she says that she hopes that isn't the case with the new Wolowitz baby.

There were pre-taped scenes of Raj wanting to buy an engagement gift for Sheldon and Amy from Stuart's comic-book store.

At Princeton, Sheldon apologizes to Amy. He compares their situation to that of The Avengers. That is, Iron Man makes cameos in other movies, but doesn't need to be the center of attention. Amy, who could have done without this reference, says that they have a lifetime together to figure this stuff out. Sheldon says good, because he is a slow learner. They kiss.

The last scene is in the cafeteria 3 months later. Leonard, Howard, and Raj are admiring Amy's ring, and Sheldon says that her eyes are up here, and gestures. Amy discovers Ramona. Raj fears that something bad is going to happen, much like when his Aunt Noopur showed up at the family reunion wearing the same sari as his cousin Sruti. Amy walks up to Ramona, who is clearly scared. Amy thanks and hugs her, and Ramona is clearly caught off guard. The guys are equally shocked.

Sheldon did tell Amy about Ramona kissing him while on the phone with Leonard and Penny. He says that they were right about Ramona, and that she kissed him. All are shocked, but mostly Amy. Then, he says that made him realize that he wants to be with Amy for the rest of his life, and she swoons. No mention of it again, other than Amy hugging Ramona in the tag scene.

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  • Title Reference: To be entered.
  • Taping date: August 15, 2017
  • This episode was watched by 17.65 million people with a rating of 4.1 (adults 18-49).
  • Total viewers including DVR users xx.x million.
  • The Big Bang Theory was ranked #x for the week ending xx September 2017.
  • This episode aired in Canada on September 2017.


To be entered.


  • Amy says yes to Sheldon's marriage proposal, and thus, they become engaged.
  • Amy's father is mentioned again for the second time in the show after having been mentioned for the first time ever in "The Emotion Detection Automation" (S10E14).
  • Mary Cooper and Ramona Nowitzki return in this episode.
  • Stephen Hawking makes an appearance.
  • Howard and Bernadette are expecting another baby and Halley will have a sibling.
  • Raj complained about being lonely when he asked out Ramona twice.
  • 2 new characters Dr. Zhang and Dr. Harris will appear in this episode. They will be portrayed by George Wyner and Susan Chuang respectively.
  • This is the second episode in which the title has the same word repeated twice after the Season 9 finale (The Convergence-Convergence).
  • This is the first time since "The Deception Verification" (S7E2) that Bernadette speaks nicely to Leonard without any bad talk after, a span of 95 episodes.


  • Sheldon [talking to Stephen Hawking via Skype]: "They've had one of the greatest minds in the world sitting next to them, and all they wanted to talk about was their stupid nonsense!!"

Hawking: "Do you see the irony in that sentence? How about now?"

  • Amy [noticing Ramona sitting at a table nearby]: "Is that the woman who kissed Sheldon?"
  • Leonard: "Maybe. Tell us Princeton."
  • Amy: "Excuse me."
  • Amy: "Dr. Nowitzki?"
  • Ramona [looking up at Amy]: "Oh. Dr. Fowler. Hello."
  • Amy [hugging Ramona]: "Thank you, thank you so much." [Ramona nervously pats Amy's arm with a smile]



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