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"The Vacation Formulation" is the twenty third episode of the season 9 fan suggested episodes made by ZoomDust16.


Leonard and Bernadette are on Vacation together at a experimental physics convention. Penny, Emily, and Amy come up with amazing designs regarding Stewart's comic book store. Raj and Howard are declined to star in the Flash.


Leonard and Bernadette are at the convention in Detroit, but then in the hotel apartment they create a new theory on why subatomic particles move the way they do, causing them to team up into proving the theory. Kripke makes an advancement towards proving the big bang theory and then Sheldon does everything he can to prove Kripke wrong. Amy, Penny, and Emily go together to the comic book store to help Stuart make it better, but then, Penny, Emily, and Amy buy 10 % shares of the comic book store each to help Stuart make it be better, they then work together to make a renovation schedule. Howard and Raj try and get cast for The Flash. In Detroit, Leonard and Bernadette create the theory and get a call from Cal-Tech university in an offer to promote Leonard, hire Bernadette and have them work together to make advancements in the theory. They call Howard and Penny, then they approve. Leonard and Bernadette take the offer but confirm with the university that the university gets only up to 25% of any money they make regarding the theory. They then return to Pasadena. Sheldon disproves Kripke's advancement, and also Penny, Emily, and Amy came up with amazing designs regarding Stewart's comic book store. Raj and Howard are declined to star in the Flash. Leonard and Bernadette decide for if they succeed they both go on a vacation together to Hawaii, Sheldon decides if he succeeds he takes Amy to France, Penny, Emily, Amy, and Stuart decide if they succeed they go to comic con all together.

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