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The living room of Apartment 4A
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 Apartment 4A is the primary setting in The Big Bang Theory, and is the apartment where Sheldon and Leonard live. It is situated in an apartment complex at 2311 N. Los Robles Avenue. When viewed from the satellite photographics in "The Countdown Reflection" episode it appears to be located at 215 S Madison Ave. Due to the primary characters in the series, albeit Penny, being of the "nerd" social classification, the apartment has been dubbed as "Nerdvana" by Howard in season 1 episode 14 "The Nerdvana Annihilation".

Apartment 4A is located on the fourth floor of the building across from Apartment 4B, where Penny lives. 4A is known to be a corner apartment, being that it has windows facing outside on two sides.


Apartment 4A, Leonard and Sheldon's apartment layout
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Penny and Sheldon's Apartment
Apartment 4A, 4B and landing, Leonard and Sheldon's apartment, Penny's apartment and landing layout
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The apartment has one living room, one bathroom, and two bedrooms. A hallway links the the living room to the bedrooms. The kitchen is part of the main living area.

Immediately upon entering, the wall on the right houses Sheldon and Leonard's desks and the TV. The wall ends in the kitchen part. This wall is rarely visible, being the wall that is the view into the apartment from which the episodes are filmed, and has only been shown on two occasions (one is in "The Euclid Alternative", S2E5). 

The wall immediately to the left after entering the apartment has a long bookshelf that ends at a small closet, with the wall itself ending at a large window with a desk and telescope. Pasadena City Hall can be seen from this window, which has been used on several occasions:

After the window, there is a corner and the hallway that leads to the bathroom, as well as Sheldon and Leonard's bedrooms. The kitchen area is a small area that has an island with rarely used barstools since they usually eat in the living room area. A window is located at the end of the visible wall of the kitchen area (which can be clearly seen in several kitchen area scenes, one typical instance is in "The Loobenfeld Decay", S1E10, when Toby Loobenfeld talks with Sheldon in the kitchen area). Presumbly, this window is one of the two windows (the other being the large window described above) that Sheldon has stated "creates a cross breeze" when he describes his Spot.

Sheldon, at one point in time, had painted luminous glow-in-the-dark arrows on the floor pointing to the various nearest emergency exits throughout the room. He shows them to Raj in "The Roommate Transmogrification" (S4E24), but gets rid of them before "The Friendship Contraction" (S5E15) when he explains that they were "wildly carcinogenic".

Production-wise, the bathroom interior, Sheldon's bedroom, and Leonard's bedroom are actually filmed on a different set than the rest of the apartment. The actual apartment set ends at a corner in the hallway immediately after the bathroom door. This is for easier filming access and better view of the actors for the studio audience.

Bathroom Edit

The bathroom has a double bath/shower. Sheldon and Leonard have a shower curtain with the periodic table  printed on it. Sheldon has placed a  UV sterilization light there to stop his toothbrush from being infected by germs. Sheldon also has tape on the floor which serves to avoid splatter on the mirror from flossing teech, and to stop urine from getting on the floor when men use the toilet. Sheldon also has a squeegee to clean the mirror.

Also in the bathroom is a wooden toilet seat with cherry finish, similar to this Home Dynamix model , and a five-drawer rattan chest by Oriental Furniture . Various pieces of artwork and memorabilia also appear, frequently changing, including a color photograph of the McCandles space walk seen over the toilet in Season 2, Episode 6, and a super rare City of Heros poster seen in the same episode on the wall behind the door. The poster is an enlargement of the inside of the game CD, and finding intact posters is now almost impossible now that the online game is defunct.

The earliest views of the bathroom are in Season 1, Episode 1, when Penny uses the shower, and in Season Two, Episode 6, when Sheldon hides from Romona in the shower.

Sheldon's Bedroom Edit

Sheldon's bedroom is located immediately after the bathroom. Sheldon usually keeps his bedroom locked, and rarely allows anyone inside. Sheldon's bedroom set is the "Princeton" set, in cherry wood, from Home Comfort Furniture and includes the bed, a 5 drawer chest and a 3 drawer nightstand. Like the rest of the apartment, the artwook and collectibles displayed in Sheldon's bedroom change frequently. Among items seen are:

Leonard's BedroomEdit

Leonard's bedroom is the last room in the hallway. There is a ledge outside that runs by both bedroom windows. Sheldon uses this during "The Bozeman Reaction" to access Leonard's room because he is too paranoid to go out of his bedroom because they were burglarized earlier in the episode. Items found in Leonard's bedroom include:


New Room
Leonard discovers how difficult it was for Sheldon's former roommate to live with him.
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In "The Staircase Implementation", the story of how Leonard and Sheldon meet is revealed. Sheldon places an ad for a roommate after his former roommate named Sebastian is driven to the brink of madness from Sheldon's antics. Leonard encounters Sebastian on his way to the interview with Sheldon, and he tells Leonard to run away. Leonard is accepted by Sheldon as his new roommate and inherits Sebastian's former room, only to discover that Sebastian wrote "DIE SHELDON DIE" in red paint (like in a slasher film) on the wall.

At this time, the apartment also had significantly less furniture in the living room. Sheldon's only placement was two lawn chairs and cinder blocks as the TV stand. Even at this point in time, Sheldon's lawn chair was placed in the exact spot that he claims later on the couch. Their first major addition in furniture to the apartment was the leather couch, in which Leonard buys for a $100 from tenants on the first floor who were moving out; which is a great deal, since a new Moroni Havana sofa retails for around $1,500. Careful watchers may recognize the style of sofa; while the boys utilize the full 3 cushion sofa, defective detective Adrian Monk from the series "Monk" sports the smaller, two cushion model, of the line.

In "The Bozeman Reaction", the apartment got burglarized. Some of Sheldon and Leonard's game systems and various games were stolen. The police were also called to the apartment in "The Zarnecki Incursion", when Sheldon's World of Warcraft account was hacked.

In "The Staircase Implementation", an "apartment flag" is mentioned as a small blue flag with a coat of arms on it of a gold lion rampant on a field of azure on it. Flipping it upside down signifies that the apartment is in distress. In "The Roommate Transmogrification", Raj was given a lapel pin version.

List of known items in the apartmentEdit


Comic Collectibles

Living Room 



Star Wars

Other film and television and pop culture


See Part 7: Shedding Light on Dark Matter of the book Unraveling the Mysteries of the Big Bang Theory by George Beahm (2011, BenBella Books, ISBN 9781936661312) for more fantasy, sci-fi, pop culture, and other items mentioned on the show in general.


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  • Living room area - watching Howard's launch into space.
  • Front door area.
  • Penny in Sheldon's bedroom taking care of him.
  • Kitchen area.

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