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Timeline of Events that Happened Before the Show

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This chronology is a timeline of events that happened before the show began.



  • Sometime between 1974 - 1980 in May: Stuart is born


  • February 26, 1980: Sheldon is born
  • May 1980: Leonard is born
  • March-September 1981: Howard is born
  • October 6, 1981: Raj is born
  • 1985: Sheldon's grandfather, Pop-Pop, dies
  • December 2, 1985: Penny is born
  • Between 1980 and 1989: Bernadette and Amy are born
  • 1986-1987: Leonard, six years old at the time, walks in on his naked parents and his mother is swatting his father with Leonard's new ping-pong paddle


  • 1991: Sheldon starts college at age 11
  • 1994: Sheldon graduates from college at age 14
  • 1994: Sheldon's father dies
  • 1995: Sheldon attends Comic-Con to meet Wil Wheaton; when Wil doesn't show up, this fuels Sheldon's longtime hatred for him.
  • 1996: Sheldon receives his doctorate.
  • 1997-1998: Penny rebuilds a tractor engine all by herself at age 12


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