This chronology is a timeline of events that occurred during the first season or approximately September, 2007 to May, 2008.

1. “Pilot

August, 2007 to August, 2008  a box at UPS falls on Eric’s head [The Locomotive Manipulation]

September 24, 2007 Penny moves in and meets Sheldon and Leonard, for whom it is love at first sight. Sheldon & Leonard fail to get Penny’s TV from Kurt, her ex-boyfriend.

 2. “The Big-Bran Hypothesis

September 25, 2007 Penny asks Leonard to sign for some furniture she’s having delivered

September 26, 2007 The furniture arrives.  Leonard and Sheldon get it upstairs with       difficulty, due to the non-functional elevator. Sheldon is so upset  by Penny’s messy apartment that he returns later that night to tidy up 

September 27, 2007  Penny discovers the boys were in her apartment while she was      asleep and is furious, but she does later forgive them

September 28, 2007   Leonard, Sheldon, Raj and Howard try to assemble Penny’s     furniture

3. “The Fuzzy Boots Corollary”

September 29, 2007  When Leonard sees Penny kissing Doug, he is devastated.

October 1, 2007 Leonard asks out Leslie Winkle, who says no

October 2, 2007  Leonard and Penny go on a  “date” 

4. “The Luminous Fish  Effect”

October 3, 2007 At a party to welcome Dr. Gablehouser, the new head of the Cal        Tech physics department, Sheldon is fired

October 4, 2007 Sheldon and Penny go to the grocery store

October 21, 2007  Sheldon’s mom arrives

October 22, 2007 Sheldon apologizes to Dr. Gablehouser and is rehired (morning)

5. “The Hamburger Postulate”

October 22, 2007 Leslie Winkle approaches the group at the Cheesecake Factory  (nite)

Tuesday, October 23, 2007 Leonard & Leslie play in string quartet, then hook up

October 24, 2007 Leslie dumps Leonard

October 25, 2007 Sheldon & Leonard eat at the Cheesecake factory

6. “The Middle Earth Paradigm” 

October 26, 2007 after losing at paintball the boys are invited to Penny’s  Halloween party

Saturday October 27, 2007  at Penny’s Halloween party Kurt shows up. Penny kisses Leonard

7. “The Dumpling Paradox” 

Friday November 2, 2007 Penny’s friend Christy arrives on Halo Night and launches into a sexual relationship with Howard  

Saturday November 3, 2007 – Christy moves in with Howard

November 6, 2007 Sheldon, Leonard & Raj eat at Szechwan Palace

Wednesday, November 7, 2007 on Halo night Christy leaves

8. “The Grasshopper Experiment”

November 8, 2007 Raj’s parents tell him about Lalita Gupta

November 9, 2007 A date set up between Raj & Lalita. Raj learns he can talk to girls     if he is drunk

Saturday November 10,  2007 Raj & Lalita’s date, she leaves with Sheldon

November 11, 2007 Sheldon sings at the Cheesecake Factory  

9. “The Cooper-Hofstadter Polarization”

March 17, 2008 Leonard learns he’s been invited to speak about supersolids at Bose-   Einstein Condensates conference

March 18, 2008 Penny selects Leonard’s wardrobe

March 18, 2008 Penny forwards to  Sheldon a LOL Cat e-mail [the Panty Piñata Polarization]

March 19, 2008 Leonard gives speech, but Sheldon shows up

March 20, 2008  Howard controls some lights in China

10. “The Loobenfeld Decay”

March 24, 2008  Sheldon and Leonard are invited to see Penny in “Rent”

March 25, 2008 Sheldon fabricates an elaborate lie why they can’t go

Friday March 28, 2008 “Rent”  is performed

March 29, 2008  Sheldon worries the lie might not hold up

March 30, 2008 “Leo” shows up for his “intervention”

11. “The Pancake Batter Anomaly”    

March 31, 2008 Penny returns from a trip to Nebraska

Sunday April 6, 2008 Sheldon is sick  

April, 2008 Penny last has sex for six months [The Barbarian Sublimation]

12. “The Jerusalem Duality”

April 14, 2008 the boys meet Dennis Kim

April 15, 2008 Sheldon visits Howard and Raj to find a new job

April 16, 2008 at the reception Dennis shows up with a girl

April 17, 2008 the boys see Dennis in the park with the girl

13. “The Bat-Jar Conjecture”

April 21, 2008  the boys decide to enter the physics bowl

Saturday April 26, 2008 they discuss team names, but after a practice round Sheldon  is kicked off the team

April 28, 2008 Leonard, Raj and Howard draft Leslie Winkle for their team

April 29, 2008 The physics bowl, Sheldon loses

April 30, 2008 Leonard taunts Sheldon about his loss

14. “The Nerdvana Annihilation”

May 2, 2008 Leonard buys a time machine 

May 3, 2008 the time machine arrives. Penny is late for work and blames the boys playing with toys. 

May 4, 2008 Leonard wants to get rid of all his collectibles

May 7, 2008 Sheldon tells Leonard he has an eidetic memory [The Creepy Candy Coating Corollary]

15. “The Pork Chop Indeterminacy”

May 8, 2008 Missy Cooper arrives and all the boys try to hit on her, but none succeed

May 9, 2008 Missy leaves for Texas

16. “The Peanut Reaction”

May 12, 2008 the gang discuss birthdays

My 13, 2008 Penny blackmails Sheldon into having a birthday party for Leonard

May 17, 2008 Leonard’s birthday party that he misses

17. “The Tangerine Factor”

May 19, 2008 Leonard asks Penny out on a date 

May 24, 2008 both Leonard and Penny talk to Sheldon then leave on their date

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