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    December 1, 2014 by Bigbrother 01

    Can someone help on how to add a article to a category? Thanks 

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  • Bigbrother 01

    My ultimate OTP is Lenny for sure. So when it comes to Lenny scenarios, I love thinking about them. One scenario that a lot of us Big Bang Theory fans love to think about, who plays Penny's mom in the wedding? I love the actor who plays Penny's dad, he fits the role of a laid back midwestern.

    So when it comes to the role of Penny's mom I have two comedy queens in mind. Amy Pohler and Lisa Kudrow. I know Amy Pohler comes out of the blue unlike Kudrow who is a favorite to play Penny's mom. What I like about Kudrow is she can play a crazy, but hilarious character. Kudrow can bring the midwestern as well. Pohler is where the comedy side of Penny comes in. Pohler also brings in the street smarts. 

    Okay when there positves there are always negativ…

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