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  • Cloverfield monster

    I became inspired to do this episode after seeing the remake of Robocop that came out this February.

    Howard and Sheldon are playing frisbee at the park. It is then Sheldon's turn to throw the frisbee. However, he throws it so hard that while Howard is chasing it, he accidentally falls off a cliff and is crippled. Bernadette slaps the crap out of Sheldon for causing Howard to have his "accident".

    While they are at the hospital and drag Leonard along, the doctor says Howard will make a full recovery soon, but it may take a while. Leonard suggests that they need to find a way so he can walk while his bones are recovering. They decide to encase Howard in a bionic suit. Once the job is done, Howard is transformed into a cyborg. Howard is terrifie…

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  • Cloverfield monster

    I'm officially back with new episodes for now. Here's a giant monster adventure, Pacific Raj.

    Raj and Howard are sitting watching a monster movie from the 50's. Howard thinks it's lame because the effects are bad. Raj agrees, and wishes they could see real giant monsters. Sheldon overhears their conversation and comes up with an idea. He announces he's going to get plane tickets to take them to Japan to see real giant monsters. They go to Japan, much to the rage of Penny, who was to go on a date with Howard. She stows away on the plane. They go and meet Godzilla , who has been apparently a good friend of Sheldon for some time. Godzilla and the gang go to a harbor to hang out and remember some of Godzilla's greatest battles. Raj sits there, …

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  • Cloverfield monster

    The third episode in my version of the series. Jurassic Dork. Enjoy it.

    After Howard and Sheldon go to a park full of living dinosaurs funded by an old guy with a white beard, Sheldon sneaks a baby dinosaur back home to keep as a pet. Penny and Howard find out and yell at him for his stupid decision. They tell Sheldon to keep him in the house so the public doesn't find out. Sheldon spends the day hanging out with his new pet baby Tyrannosaurus, which he names Rick. Rick hates Sheldon at first, but then as the episode goes on, he begins to warm up to him. However, the adult T-Rex tht is Rick's mother, finds out where Rick is and goes on a destructive rampage and terrorizes the neighborhood. She smashes through Sheldon's house and finds out w…

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  • Cloverfield monster

    After a long break, this second episode is finally here. I wasn't sure about doing this one because the last one didn't get enough attention.  It's Iron Sheldon.

    After buying a superhero comic book, Sheldon finds himself surprised he can actually relate to the stories in it. This inspires him to become a crime-fighting superhero. So, being a genius, he is able to build a flying suit of armor that shoots lasers from the palms of his hands. He becomes Iron Sheldon. He then drags Howard into being his sidekick, Tin Can, and together they go off to fight evildoers. It all goes well for a while, until Iron Sheldon gets captured by a villain named Super Squid (a parody of Doc Ock) and it's up to Tin Can to rescue Iron Sheldon so they can stop Supe…

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  • Cloverfield monster

    Hello. First, I will introduce myself. I am a new member here. I hope to make a great addition. This is the first in a series of episode ideas I have. I hope for it to be the first of many.

    This is Size Matters.

    Leonard modifies a can of Coca-Cola using special chemicals that makes things bigger. He explains to Sheldon he was bored so he decided to do it for fun. But, he goes to get pizza, and Penny unknowingly drinks the altered can of soda. When Leonard gets back, he discovers a terrified penny, who is now 10 feet tall. Leonard becomes determined to find a cure for Penny's condition. But he has to keep it a secret. That's not easy because Penny is still growing. As Penny continues to grow and grow and grow, it becomes harder and harder to …

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