I became inspired to do this episode after seeing the remake of Robocop that came out this February.


Howard and Sheldon are playing frisbee at the park. It is then Sheldon's turn to throw the frisbee. However, he throws it so hard that while Howard is chasing it, he accidentally falls off a cliff and is crippled. Bernadette slaps the crap out of Sheldon for causing Howard to have his "accident".

While they are at the hospital and drag Leonard along, the doctor says Howard will make a full recovery soon, but it may take a while. Leonard suggests that they need to find a way so he can walk while his bones are recovering. They decide to encase Howard in a bionic suit. Once the job is done, Howard is transformed into a cyborg. Howard is terrified at what has happened to him, but Sheldon cheers up Howard by telling him the benefits of being a man inside a machine. Howard now has superhuman strength, and he can jump great heights. He also has a bult-in ice cream maker that pops out of his arm and a built-in microwave in his chest. Howard decides being a robot may actually be pretty cool.


Robo-Howard, as portrayed in the episode.

A few days pass and Howard is having the time of his life as a cyborg. Sheldon decides to heat up a burrito in the built-in microwave. However, he accidentally put it in the CPU of Howard's system. This causes Howard to malfunction and get shut down for 5 seconds. However, he starts back up with lack of logic and thinks he is helping people. He asks in a robotic tone if anyone wants ice cream and nearly drowns everyone in the stuff. He smashes through the wall and into the city.

RoboHoward goes on a rampage through the city and causes massive destruction. While trying to come up with ideas, Sheldon decides the only to stop a cyborg is with another cyborg. He unwillingly is transformed into a cyborg himself. He becomes RoboSheldon and goes off to fight RoboHoward.

RoboHoward is about to smash a car on top of a homeless man, but RoboSheldon arrives just in time. The 2 cyborgs get into a fight and Howard begins to gain the upper hand. Howard is about to blow up Sheldon with a built-in missile, but Leonard tells him he put a shut-down code in Howard in case something like this happened, but didn't tell him because the episode wouldn't be as exciting.

Sheldon says the shut-down code and Howard is shut down and returned to his normal personality. Later, the doctor says that Howard's bones are all healed. However, they have to find a way to get Howard out of the binoic suit. Sheldon comes in with a sledgehammer to smash the parts off Howard (with the latter screaming in pain).


  • When RoboSheldon and RoboHoward are fighting, Leonard says, "I'd pay to watch this fight for a dollar!", which is a nod to the line from the 1987 Robocop, "I'd buy that for a dollar!".
  • This is the first time one of the characters breaks the fourth wall.
  • The episode was made beacuse of the 2014 reboot of Robocop.

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