Hello. First, I will introduce myself. I am a new member here. I hope to make a great addition. This is the first in a series of episode ideas I have. I hope for it to be the first of many.

This is Size Matters.


Leonard modifies a can of Coca-Cola using special chemicals that makes things bigger. He explains to Sheldon he was bored so he decided to do it for fun. But, he goes to get pizza, and Penny unknowingly drinks the altered can of soda. When Leonard gets back, he discovers a terrified penny, who is now 10 feet tall. Leonard becomes determined to find a cure for Penny's condition. But he has to keep it a secret. That's not easy because Penny is still growing. As Penny continues to grow and grow and grow, it becomes harder and harder to keep it a secret. Penny is now the size of a 10-story building. She becomes furious about her condition and how it's Leonard's fault. She goes berserk and starts destroying the town. Can Leonard and Sheldon get the cure to her in time?

This is my first episode, so what do you think?

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