After a long break, this second episode is finally here. I wasn't sure about doing this one because the last one didn't get enough attention.  It's Iron Sheldon.

Iron Sheldon

After buying a superhero comic book, Sheldon finds himself surprised he can actually relate to the stories in it. This inspires him to become a crime-fighting superhero. So, being a genius, he is able to build a flying suit of armor that shoots lasers from the palms of his hands. He becomes Iron Sheldon. He then drags Howard into being his sidekick, Tin Can, and together they go off to fight evildoers. It all goes well for a while, until Iron Sheldon gets captured by a villain named Super Squid (a parody of Doc Ock) and it's up to Tin Can to rescue Iron Sheldon so they can stop Super Squid's plan together. He manages to sneak in and finds out about SS's plan. He wants to hack into a top secret sattelite weapon so he can use it to destroy cities unless the United Nations gives him complete control of the world. Tin Can frees Iron Sheldon and they eventually fight Super Squid and stop his plan. After that hair-raising adventure, they decide to retire from being superheroes for a while unless another big threat to the world shows up.

Finally, my second episode. What do you think? What do you want to see next? What situations?

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